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June 14th, 2013, 19:41
I downloaded the Star Wars ruleset. It was an .rar files so I unzipped it and put in my rulesets folder but it still won't come up as a ruleset. Any suggestions?


June 14th, 2013, 20:35
Which ruleset have you downloaded? The Star Wars Saga ruleset from the library (link at the top of this page) or something else?

If you have downloaded the Star Wars Saga ruleset from the library, this is a .pak file and you just need to put that one file in the <FG App Data Directory>\rulesets. If it is another ruleset and it has come as a .rar file, then you need to extract that .rar into the <FG App Data Directory>\rulesets directory. Make sure it extracts as a single directory - that is, open the new directory and if you see a bunch of .xml file then that is OK, if you see just a single directory name then the .rar file has been zipped incorrectly and you need to move all the files from the second directory into the first. For example, if the directory structure where all the data is contained is rulesets\Star Wars\Star Wars, you need to move all the data from rulesets\Star Wars to rulesets\Star Wars.

Hope I've explained that OK?

Also, you'll need to restart Fantasy Grounds to be able to see any new rulesets.