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March 26th, 2013, 14:55
folks, i want to plan to gm this 4-parts scenario. they are tier 7-11 (subtier 7-8 or subtier 10-11).


4 consecutive tuesdays
(ideally begins 2 apr, but probably realistically 9 apr. -- depending on number of sign-ups by end of march)
5.0 hours, at least, each session
19:00h est (gmt -5)
voip: teamspeak
fg2 license: i *do not* have ultimate license, so sorry: you need to have whatever version of fg2 which allows you to join.

if this sounds really epic and you wanna join, post your:

pfs no.
race / class
which part(s) you want to do
which date(s) you can make

***** important: if you participate... *****
commitment: you would not have to participate in all sessions -- any combo could work, but the continuity of all 4 might increase your enjoyment. however if you are interested and sign up, your failure to attend would mess things up for those involved (which i will keep track for future consideration of your request to participate). so, please, make sure you can commit once you've signed up.

punctuality. higher tiers often run longer and need every minute of game play. to help streamline encounters, be prepared with your pc's weapons stats and effects; know your pc's powers and abilities well. i would have the server up 2 evenings -- a couple hours each -- before game date for this purpose. (unfortunately, pfs scenarios are not ideal for sitting back and fully enjoy role playing -- 80% hack-and-slash and 20% rp).

post questions if you have any. thanks!

Scenario 01.36
Echoes of the Everwar—Part I: The Prisoner of Skull Hill

A Chelish outpost deep inside the anarchic orc-controlled Hold of Belkzen has gone silent after strange fires were seen burning in the skies above. You have been sent north to investigate the disappearance and find a lost tomb long rumored to exist beneath the outpost's timber tower. When you arrive and find the place choked with monsters and hideous plant creatures from beyond the stars, your mission of exploration quickly turns to one of survival.

Written by Joshua J. Frost

March 27th, 2013, 10:17
I'd be very interested but not on a Tuesday. I'm on the other side of the world :)