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Moon Wizard
March 17th, 2013, 22:06
EDIT 2013-03-20
Added pages for each community ruleset, and included modules and extensions for each.

I have added all of the community rulesets that I could find from the old FGWiki into the Library section of the web site.

If you have a newer version of one of the community rulesets, please let me know.

If there is a file that you are looking for from the wiki, I can see if I have it.

The long-term plan is to eventually move to the web installer allowing users to choose which rulesets to install whether paid or community-based. With this approach, we can install standard extensions, modules and documentation as part of the community-based ruleset package.


March 18th, 2013, 07:03
That's great! Thank you :).

March 18th, 2013, 07:11
If I am not mistaken 'Star Wars Saga Edition' is the generic ruleset that I made for Star Wars gaming, and I received a Cease and Desist order from Lucas Arts over it. We reached an understanding on it and the Ruleset was renamed "Space Wars Saga Edition' for legal reasons. I will download and check the version you have, and provide any updates needed to comply with copyright laws.

March 18th, 2013, 07:17
I have checked the file you have, it is an older version of the ruleset that doesn't even work in FGII anymore, I have an updated version of SWSE, where would you like me to send it?

March 18th, 2013, 22:15
Hey guys,

For the WFRP rulesets (1st, 2nd and 3rd edition) here is the developer website:

You can find there the sub-pages to each edition ruleset. It'd be great if you could add those to the list.

March 19th, 2013, 01:27
you are welcome to put the GURPS_4enhanced version on there; it is actively maintained and up to date. The reason for making outside website (http://enhanced.vlexofree.com/) was access to be able to upload to the wiki was not consistent.

March 19th, 2013, 13:57
Im trying to find the Beckham File for the Labyrinth Lord Ruleset. or a good BECMI Basic D&D version, from what i read in the forums the BECKHAM mod converted the LL Ruleset into BECMI. so id really like that, but Alas the Wiki is down. Any chance of being able to put that in the library? or emailing me the file or something?

March 19th, 2013, 19:38
Not sure if its the abosolute latest version, but I have attached the BECKHAM extension v0.5.0.

March 19th, 2013, 19:53
Thanks alot Dr Zeus, this will help out a lot

Moon Wizard
March 20th, 2013, 00:00
I want to avoid putting installers on the web site for now, since we did not generate them. This is challenging, because several of the rulesets have a good base of modules, help docs and extensions.

Maybe I'll see if I can develop a "ruleset" download page that you can click into, and contains all the available files for the ruleset along with instructions where to put them. Not optimal, but something we feel comfortable with until I can circle back to updater development.


March 20th, 2013, 00:48
fair and very understandable.

Moon Wizard
March 21st, 2013, 02:20

Updated Warhammer and GURPS rulesets.
Added Shadowrun ruleset.
Added page for each community ruleset with known extensions and modules.

If you have more, send it my way at [email protected]


March 30th, 2013, 15:57
You can also add a link to the Advanced Fighting Fantasy ruleset here: