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February 3rd, 2013, 14:45
The server I run the FG-wiki on is in dire need of an over-haul. And this time before that happends I have transfered over the files and the SQL dump of the database to Doug so that someone else can take it over.

Hopefully whomever takes over will have some better ideas on how to quell the flux of spam that has more or less held the Wiki as editable only by approved people and get it back to more open edits like a Wiki is supposed to be.

One final benefit is that pretty much wherever the Wiki now ends up should have far better bandwidth than I as a private person could supply. (At the least until the county starts puttin down those 200 mbit optic fibers they have been promising for three years)

So I take my leave as a wiki-admin, but not as a community member.

- Obe

February 3rd, 2013, 15:39
Thanks for keeping it going all this time Obe! It's been appreciated!

February 3rd, 2013, 16:10
Thanks a lot Obe for all of your work and hosting of the wiki for so long. :)

February 3rd, 2013, 17:58
Thanks for your effort Obi. :)

February 3rd, 2013, 23:21
what sort of disk space requirement?
is it php/mysql based?
i may be able to host it (have a couple of web servers)

February 4th, 2013, 01:26
Obe - many thanks for carrying the torch for so long! *removes hat and bows low*

February 4th, 2013, 07:58
what sort of disk space requirement?
is it php/mysql based?
i may be able to host it (have a couple of web servers)

I'll leave the hosting questions up to Smiteworks but I can answer about the setup at the least :

It is a mediawiki, at about 1.4 Gb in size unpacked and uses a Php/MySql.

- Obe

February 5th, 2013, 23:16
Hopefully we can get this restored somewhere. I have some people on another forum asking about the OSRIC and AD&D rulesets.

February 7th, 2013, 12:48
Thanks for hosting the wiki, I found it very helpful.

Any chance I could get a copy of "Anatomy of a Ruleset"?

February 8th, 2013, 05:33
As a temporary solution could just the DL files be put in a Dropbox or something similar

February 8th, 2013, 06:13
I could rebuild the Gaming Army community website one last time, if people think it will actually get used this time.... but that is really up to the community here if they will use a site like that.

February 14th, 2013, 03:27
Was there ever a final offer to host? If not, contact me. I would be interested in hearing what kind of bandwidth we're looking at though.

February 14th, 2013, 03:48
im also happy to host if required.

March 1st, 2013, 20:54
In case Smiteworks are not able to host the Wiki I'd be willing to host it, should it be of interest. I can secure the domain fantasygroundswiki.com and secure the site via the same username/password mechanism that secures downloads and comments at my drzeuss.co.uk site, so I should be able to secure the Wiki to at least registered community users without compromising public read access.

Assuming the Wiki software enables changes to be tracked - it should then be a case of policing/enforcing any bad behaviour with a simple suspension/ban.

March 23rd, 2013, 14:15
Well well well... I thought I had done my last with this batch of files. But in the end since there has been communications blackout about what is going on with the FG-Wiki I decided to port things over to the new server and a newer version of Mediawiki.

It is still slow, but has about twice as much memory as before and a fairly much stronger processor.

- Obe

Moon Wizard
March 23rd, 2013, 23:16
I actually started hosting community ruleset pages directly on the FG website starting last week. You can check them out in the Library section.


March 24th, 2013, 01:16
Should I take that as a "We don't need it anymore" ?

- Obe

Moon Wizard
March 24th, 2013, 03:19
I'm leaving it up to you. ;)

I had been slowly working on building something to host on our web site, and I just happened to post last week. It doesn't have everything yet, but I planned on adding a couple more pages for generic extensions and other "help" material.

In the long run, I'd like to allow community material to be distributed by the FG updater. An updater revamp is on my list for post v3 updates.


April 7th, 2013, 08:58
Well well well...

The Wiki is now accepting nbew users and editors again after being closed down due to spam issues. I have added an approval process / account request as a way to finally curb the spam.

- Obe