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December 22nd, 2012, 01:34
PFS #4–11: The Disappeared
22nd December 9.00pm GMT

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

A powerful ally of the Pathfinder Society has disappeared, and no one but the Pathfinders even remembers that she ever existed. Can the PCs discover the fate of their missing associate, or will all memory of her be erased completely from history?

To sign up for this scenario, please post your character and chronicle to this thread and sign up on the calendar (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=959)

I know this is at short notice, so if we don't get enough interest I will just reschedule for another time next week

Rose Claymore
December 22nd, 2012, 02:16
Wow! Did this just get released this week? I was looking for new scenarios earlier and didn't see any past Feast of Sigils.

Too short notice for me though, or else I'd happily join in. At this time tomorrow I'll be at our local PFS gathering.

December 22nd, 2012, 06:42
I'm in!! Just saw this, I hope others will come! Maybe I can get my wife to make a toon :)

December 22nd, 2012, 11:28
I'm in, too.
Hope there'll be enough players :)

Here's my character. He doesn't have any chronicles yet. His remaining starting gold is listed in the xml.

December 22nd, 2012, 15:08
I hope also to play, with a Witch.

December 22nd, 2012, 17:51
Skellan, Would you allow me to play my Ninja, Im going to level her now to 2. I don't have the chronicle back from last night though. So not sure if it's even possible.

If Not I have my Monk and Fighter both ready for action!

December 22nd, 2012, 18:26
You are ok with your ninja as I played the scenario with you so I know what happened :)
Your ninja will be REALLY useful for this scenario

December 22nd, 2012, 18:28
You are ok with your ninja as I played the scenario with you so I know what happened :)
Your ninja will be REALLY useful for this scenario

Dang now your putting the pressure on me to perform.....I cant take the pressure!!!!

December 22nd, 2012, 21:19
Server is up

December 22nd, 2012, 21:50
thanks for the last min invite... great timing

December 22nd, 2012, 22:42
See here - the result of this scenario can make a difference to the PFS campaign: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?p=139512

December 23rd, 2012, 02:01
This group succeeded with cunning plans and role-play skills. Well done! Its cool to think that your actions are making a difference to the campaign
Thanks for your patience with the unplanned break.
I will run this one again soon as I enjoyed running it, even though I just put it together quickly earlier today. I wanted to run it quick before spoilers started appearing. As this scenario was released early, I bet you are one of the first groups to play it :)
For those that played this evening, please don't give away stuff about the scenario to others, I know you wouldn't anyway:)
I will try to get chronicles up tomorrow
cheers for playing

December 23rd, 2012, 02:06
Thanks for GMing the scenario, it was quite cool (although Kaburi isn't really the stealthy one).

ok, for Kaburi's chronicle:
it's his first chronicle, so here's some information:
- PFS-#: 42939-6
- Player Name: Andreas Forster
- gold: 32

- I'll sell my compass (10 gp) and Artisan's Tools (5 gp)
- I'd like to buy a Wayfinder (250 gp) and masterwork Artisan's Tools (55 gp)

Rose Claymore
December 23rd, 2012, 04:17
It sounds like everyone had a blast, I'm sorry I missed it! I'm looking forward to the replay.

December 23rd, 2012, 04:29
Skellan, That was great man, Always fun with you DM'ing! I had a blast!

Info her for Lia

Chronicle Number: 4

Starting XP: 3
New XP: 4

PFS: 71518-1
Starting Fame: 5 New Fame: 7
Starting Prestige: 3 New Prestige: 5

Items Used: 2x Charges: CLW Wand

Items Bought: (none)

Starting Gold: 719.5
Gold Gained: 520
Gold Spent: 0
New total: 1239.5

December 23rd, 2012, 04:32
Yes thanks again for GMing and letting me in on the last min.

Wiggie - 41731-7 - bought nada

Few things for Wiggie to help you out:

Starting XP: 2
New XP: 3

PFS: 41731-7
Startting Fame: 4 New Fame: 6
Starting Prestige: 2 New Prestige: 4

Items Used: none
Items Bought: none

December 23rd, 2012, 15:51
Thanks for the game,

here's Tifireth: (I think you might've signed the wrong sheet, the one attached is the running total, the one you signed had Rise of the Goblin Guild as his first scenario played, everything starting at 0).

Chronicle Number: 3
Starting XP: 2

PFS: 67687-2
Starting Fame: 2
Starting Prestige: 2

Items Used: none
Items Bought: Wand of Cure Light Wounds (-2PP)

Starting Gold: 1183

Gold Spent: 0

December 27th, 2012, 23:27
Just letting you know i havent forgotten you,and i will sort out chronicles tomorrow

December 28th, 2012, 19:06
Characters and Chronicles for this session are located here (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zgps5utjdxi1ka4/vo1p70OcWL)

Thanks for playing everyone