View Full Version : BRP Quickstart or Chaosium Roleplay System?

August 2nd, 2012, 01:50
I am looking to get into BRP, and I have done a bit of research across the web on it. What I cannot find on here is, the rule-set and library for this game, is it based on the quick-start or the full version book, that would have all the different add-on rules with it for any and every scenario?

August 2nd, 2012, 03:35
It's based on the full-book, and allows for a great deal of customization to fit the "setting rules" you are playing with.

I own it, but haven't extensively used it - I'm sure others can answer questions in more depth !

August 2nd, 2012, 06:21
Agree with what Phantomwhale says. The Library module includes the mini scenarios that are part of the Quick start rules as a nice little bonus to help a GM get started. There is also an extension to BRP that allows you to use it for Openquest. I have used it to run a Post Apoc scenario, but there is no reason why you couldn't use it to run any genre. Blackfoot has been working on an extension to use the original RQ2 rules.

August 2nd, 2012, 12:41
Excellent, thank you very much!