View Full Version : Minor errors in pfrpg basic rules mod

July 3rd, 2012, 14:38

since a long time I recognized some minor errors in the PFRPG Basic Rules.mod
(It was around Version 2.8)
The entries for the Whetstone shows the entry from the Sledge.
For the Pony, the entry is wrongly labeled Horse, heavy with the correct pricing in the table.

As for the light and heavy combat trained horses, the entries in the table differ slightly.
When the Link is open, for the heavy combat trained horse itīs 400 Gold Pieces. In the table itīs 300 Gold Pieces. for the light combat trained horse itīs 150 Gold Pieces in the link and 110 Gold Pieces in the table.

Iīm able to change it manually, but when theres an Update all is reverted.
I hope it can be fixed, though itīs nothing relevant for the ruleset itīs rather annoying to change it every time ;)