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June 19th, 2012, 14:57
For anyone thats interested, here's a Victorian themed skin for CoC (version 1). The intention was to make it somewhat darker and moodier than the original.

Updated image (version 2)

Updated extension, (version 2)


June 19th, 2012, 15:58
nice work baz!

Blue Haven
June 19th, 2012, 18:05
Amazing work :O
Thank you so much :)

June 19th, 2012, 18:07
Thanks, good work.

June 19th, 2012, 19:51
Your more than welcome guys, and thank you for the kind words. I have a few things I want to improve, but its an alternative for those that need it.

Im also partly through adding some functionality to the ruleset (of the back of others hard coding work, such as Dakadin). So far I have on image drawing, grid and masking tools working, but I want to include resizing of the image window to fit the original size of the image and a few other small things if my non-programmer sense of logic can fathom them.:)
Hopefully have something later this week.


June 20th, 2012, 02:28
Very nice work, I especially like the portrait miniatures for the images link. I recognize Poe of course and is the woman Mary Shelley?

One of my main frustrations with the standard Cthulhu skin is the seemingly nonsensical icons used on the clock face once you have right clicked with your mouse. I would dearly like to see them linked more to the Mythos rather than the random ones they appear to be.

It's great that someone is giving Cthulhu some love in development. Compared to the developments completed for 2.9 with 3.5e/4e and even Savage Worlds, it lags way behind. unfortunately, I am a bear of little brain when it comes to progam manipulation.

June 20th, 2012, 06:28
Hi Scion,
Thank you for your kind comments. Of course your correct, the chap is Poe, but the woman, lm afraid she may remain anonymous.
As for the radius wheel icons, I will have a look at them for version 1.1, coming soon.
As far as the ruleset is concerned, (and the system for that matter) it's one of my favorites, for all its limitations ( when compared to say 3.5... he said in hushed tones).


June 20th, 2012, 19:28
Please note I have uploaded version 2 which cleans up one or two buttons and adds some additional button icons.

The next release will most likely change the radial menu icons.


June 20th, 2012, 19:54
Again, good work. CoC needs a few tweaks I think.

Blue Haven
June 20th, 2012, 21:12
Thank you so much once again :)

June 21st, 2012, 10:19
Tweaks! Insanity? There's a good five to ten minutes worth of work went in to that.:)


June 21st, 2012, 13:49
I mean the CoC ruleset needs a few improvements or changes as a whole.

June 21st, 2012, 15:03
Hmmm, improvements or changes. Well I'm working on an Extend_CoC extension with Dakadins blessing and help (see Extend_RMC), but I'm not a coder or a programmer, so its taking a little time, but fun all the same.
I have already implemented the on image toolbar functionality (mask, draw, erase, grid) and have scalable tokens with the mouse wheel working, but I want to get Resize, and Original size for images working, as well as the ok from those that wrote the code I'm including, before I release it, but that wont be too far off.
What tweaks and changes would you like to see Insanity?
I should admit, it has never been my intention to include as much functionality as say... 4E (especially with regard to the combat tracker),as I don't see CoC as a combat heavy system, but I'd certainly be interested in your thoughts.


June 22nd, 2012, 17:01
CoC is not combat heavy, but still having a target system and such would be nice for when it happens.

Mayhaps just because we're spoiled with 4E.

The tokens resizing vua mouse wheel would be nice, as currently you can only do so if its attached on the combat tracker.