View Full Version : Pathfinder Society Game Saturday June 2nd midday EST

May 29th, 2012, 18:51
To all Pathfinders,

Do you yearn for adventure? Finished First Steps and not sure what to do with
yourself? The society desperately needs you to save the Blakros Museum and
possibly the city from an evil deep from the depths of Mwangi. So sign up for a
night at the museum you won't soon forget...

Scenario is 1-5 but will be running subtier 1-2 unless a full
roster requests higher tier. I have a full license so at least a lite license is
required to play. Will be using voice as well using Ventrilo. This game is
for midday EST or 5PM GMT.

To play a Pathfinder Society Game all you need do is register at the paizo.com site with your character name and basic details and have a legal pathfinder soicety character that fits within the level tier(a new character must begin at level 1).

A guide can be downloaded for free on how to accomplish this OR I will be online on Thursday to help anyone out in making their first character. Please message me before thursday so I can arrange a time to help you.

Also if you wish to play Pathfinder society games more often the group page: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/fg2pfs/ is a great place. You can find out about new games and have a place to store your character sheet as well. If you're on the group, please sign up under applications with your:
PFS number
Character name
Character class and level

.xml under files section is preferred otherwise please have a hero labs export
or other method to me no later than Thursday. Messaging me on here will also work so I can arrange for you to email me your character details if I havn't helped you on Thursday to create one.