View Full Version : PFS #0-2 Hydra's Fang Incident. Tuesday April 17th, 8pm Eastern.

April 12th, 2012, 21:55
Next Pathfinder Society Game - see the FG2PFS Yahoo group for details:



A legal PFS character and PFS number (get this from Paizo.com).
Registered on the FG2PFS Yahoo group and entered you character details on the Player Sign Up Sheet.
Ventrillo client for voice.
Headset & Mic. Please don't use speakers and a seperate mic - this just doesn't work well enough and provide terrible feedback.
Any flavour of Fantasy Grounds - GM has an Ultimate licence.
4 - 4.5 hours for uninterupted play.
You post a copy of your PFS legal character in the files section on the FG2PFS Yahoo group (Fantasy Grounds /exportchar XML preferred, 2nd choice is Hero Labs HLFG export, 3rd choice your character in electronic format (PDF, Doc, HTML, etc.).