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April 6th, 2012, 23:48
Im trying to figure out the best way to emulate a vicious greatsword on the actions tab.

under the damage section i start off with having the 2d6 standard damage for the greatsword, its going to end up being a +1 Vicious Greatsword, so i add the slashing and magic damage types which works perfectly.

The problem i have is how best to add the additional 2d6 damage from the vicious aspect.
I ended up trying two different ways so far.
1. I can add a new blank weapon that just has the damage of 2d6 that i can drop onto an enemy when i attack it, provided i hit.(this works perfectly for the 1d6 damage to self)
2. I can add the 2d6 right onto the normal damage entry making it 4d6.

option 2 doesnt work because when you critical, its multiplying 2x4d6 instead of the 2x2d6 then adding the vicious 2d6 damage.

option 1 causes a problem with any creature with damage resistance, because the initial damage 2d6 from the greatsword is reduced by whatever, lets say three points, then when i drop the 2d6 on for the vicious aspect that is also "taxed" the same three points which I dont believe is correct.

How do others handle adding the additional damage of magic weapons to a weapon?
It seems like it would be really helpful in the damage section for weapons to be able to add a second set of dice to it, as in a seperate field.
As its stands now:
DMG Details: (insert dx) +base stat+additional stat(?)+actual # of extra damage
would be helpful if it was
DMG Details" (insert dx) +base state+additional state+(second set of dx) +actual # of extra damage

Be kind if im missing something obvious.

April 7th, 2012, 00:59
By using the combat tracker, you can create an effects entry for the character: DMG: 2d6 magic

This will apply the weapon's bonus damage from the vicious property without causing any complications to critical hits or whathaveyou. However, I do not know of a way to track the damage dealt to self by the vicious property other than manually entering the damage in.