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March 27th, 2012, 21:04
Hey all,

We have been using FG for a while now to host our weekly DnD sessions (amazing way to keep the campaign going, even though we are at opposite ends of the world).

We however always have a nagging issue, which I hope someone can help us. When we cast spells, using maps etc, we can't select a party member, we can only select neutral and enemy tokens on the board. So when we heal, the GM, needs to then jig the numbers manually.

I am sure its just something we are doing. Can anyone help us?


Moon Wizard
March 27th, 2012, 21:08
If you have dragged the character tokens from the combat tracker to the map, you should be able to target the players and allies just like the enemies.

Also, you can drag all the members of an entire faction to a map using the faction buttons at the bottom of the combat tracker.

Finally, once you have the character tokens linked correctly, there is a toolbar in the upper left corner that the GM can enable. (by clicking on the button to expand) When it is expanded on the GM side, there is a smaller version of the toolbar on the player side which allows them to select all allies, select all enemies or clear all targets.


March 27th, 2012, 21:15
Not sure what's happening here, as you should be able to click on the party members to target. One thing - targeting is handled by the combat tracker - so you need to make sure that all of the tokens on the map are linked to PC entries in the combat tracker. To do this, drag the tokens of the PCs from the combat tracker, not straight from the PC portrait.

Also, a quikc thing to try if it isn't working, is get the spell caster to click the "target friendly units" icon (the flag) in the top left of the map/image.

March 27th, 2012, 21:15
Thanks mate!

That's brilliant! My GM is close to crying out of joy :)

Also, thanks for the swift reply.