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March 16th, 2012, 21:19
So I'm not sure how folks might view this, including Smiteworks, so feel free to chime in guys. But I wanted to run this by the community and see what folks thought.

So I was helping Sorcerer on a fairly big update of the C&C ruleset, with a fair number of changes to basic functionality... things like drag-able inventory, an abilities page with simple but effective rolling capability, and such. Personally, I couldn't wait for it to be done! He had sent me several version over a few months, and I had provided detailed bug listings to him. Just before he disappeared last year, the ruleset went into a somewhat buggy phase - seemed like he was making changes to some core area that destabilized a number of functionalities. Then... poof... no more Sorcerer.

I've been kinda wrestling with what to do - he was kinda protective of his work in progress, and I don't want to just throw it out there, but yet I do still have all of the bug reports and his last ruleset build to me... even after my recent computer crash, which is what got me thinking that I may have the only copy left of his work.

He might be bogged down in real life, or sadly may have passed away... nobody seems to be able to get a hold of him at all. There's no knowing unless he just shows up someday.

So my conundrum is this: should I sit on this stuff and wait longer to see if he shows up, or should we, the C&C community, try to make an effort to finish what he started? I can tell you that the programming involved is beyond me - I had thought to maybe take up Lua and try to finish it myself, but with my workload that's just not very realistic anytime soon.

Is there anyone around here who might have the skills and inclination to work on it?

Smiteworks guys: with the legalities involved, is this something that we can even consider taking up ourselves? I know Sorcerer was doing some work for you guys and/or Troll Lords - dunno if there are toes to be stepped on in this matter.

Not only would I simly love to be able to use this ruleset, I'd hate to think of Sorcerer's labor of love just getting wiped off my hard disk if the guy has indeed passed.

Your thoughts?

March 16th, 2012, 23:46
Seems Urieal is considering doing some updates to the C&C ruleset - see this thread. (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16207)

Once you get some answers/resolutions to your conundrum it might be worth getting in touch with him and seeing what he's doing and if he could make use of Sorcerer's code?

March 17th, 2012, 00:04
Tren - thanks bud! I just left a note over there.

March 17th, 2012, 00:44
I have the v2.081 update that Sorcerer created, and I can extract the contents of everything without any problems. I haven't gone through his code really well, so I am not certain about anything within it. I haven't looked yet.

I'll look at it and let you know.

March 17th, 2012, 01:04
I totally understand your situation. But just to make sure you understand: the stuff I have is for a very large update that has never been completed or released anywhere. As such, there are problems with the ruleset as it stands that makes it too unusable for game play (i.e., script errors and crashes). It'd take a bit of work to finish it, although I believe a mountain of work has already gone into it. For instance, the draggable inventory required a rework of the core rules, so that all game inventory items are not just a text list, but can be dragged. That also required a rework of the "Arms and Armor" extension. While he was at it, he made the rules easier to read, search, and expand/collapse. Just a great update.

The was a point where it was fairly usable, and it was so totally awesome - sadly, that's not the version I have anymore.

If the Smiteworks guys are thinking of hiring somebody to upgrade the ruleset, this would be a helluva place to start! Even with the learning curve of picking up somebody else's coding, just the sheer hours that he and I spent on adding all items and testing every one of them for completeness and functionality ought to be worth something to a developer.

Man, I wish I had the resources to just hire somebody like Dr Z. to come in and kick some C&C butt, maybe add some of his utilities, layers, etc. *drools*

March 17th, 2012, 01:12
I'd be interested in looking at it for sure.

I make it a point to comment the hell out of my code, so if I do decide to stick with C&C, then I'll probably rework the entire ruleset from scratch, keeping a lot of the existing documents but making it work a lot more like the 3.5 or 4e systems with their additional functionality.

I realize it would be a LOT of work...but it's worth it (IMO) if I can get it done right.

March 17th, 2012, 01:43
Just so potential engineers and the smiteworks guys know what the update entailed, at least when he first contacted me, here's his Dev notes to me.

I'm sure additional functionality was added as we went. I also have a complete bug list for the ruleset in it's current state, along with his usually thorough notes on a resolution as well as the nature of the problem he was addressing (seemed like overkill at the time - I didn't need to know all that, but now it might be very helpful to anew developer). My apologies for the state of the text - it's a bit disheveled,ehich is how I got it... but I have a game I'm prepping for in a couple hours ;).

09.07.11 Castles and Crusades V2.2 DEV

Slash commands/Options

1. /flushdb

this cleans up the database increasing efficiency of campaigns that have been going along time

2. /inj

The client combat tracker and some chat messages report the current condition of the combatants. These "Injury Status" labels can be customized with the INJ chat window slash command"

the default states are:
"1 'Healthy'"
"2 'Injured'"
"3 'Badly Injured'"
"4 'Severely Injured'""
"5 'Unconscious'"
"6 'Dying'"
"7 'Dead'"

in the chat window type /INJ # newstatedescription
where # is a number from 1 to 7 and newstatedescription is what you want to call the state
(upto 19 characters first character must be a letter)

3. /importchar

the importchar command allows the import of LOCAL characters from the Local Character
Database or any file with the same data structure
it opens a standard windows filemanager window where the path and file can be selected

4. /exportchar

this command exports all characters to a external xml file which can be the Local characters
file or a new file with similar data structure

5. /version

"returns the current rulset version and official release number to the chat window,"

6. /xp

this command followed by a number will send an Experience Award Message to each player
which they can then drag and drop to the XP field on their character. optionally a characters
name can be added (before or after the number) to send the award to a single character

7. choose initiative die option

in the options\combat window, option to choose the die used for initiative rolls choice of d10 (default), d20 or d100"

8. Player damage drops -> Targeted Player damage

Player Damage Drops has been renamed Targeted Player Damage. This reflects the incorporation
of Targeted Doubleclick Damage into the Ruleset. Drop Damage works as before, with "off"
stopping any drops,. For DC damage, off does not stop the roll, but does not report any targets
DC Damage report , rolls and reports targets, but does not deduct from CT entry, ON reports and
deducts damage the same as with token/CT drops.

9. additions to Export Menu

Spells, Modifiers, Effects, Notes, Tables and Characters are now on the Export menu and can be exported to Modules
Module characters appear on the hidden Module characters window (click on the title of the Character selection window to open it.
To import them to the Campaign database, drag and drop to the character selection window.
NOTE: exported notes which were owned by players lose their ownership, which cannot be reassigned.
Changes to Windows

10.Character Selection Window

Each Character Icon Now displays class and Level
hidden button under title to open module characters window.

11. Effects Window

effects entries can now be entered with dice so that as well as fixed damage/healing , random values may be generated syntax is the same as for fixed damage, for example:
Fixed with Dice
DMG: 1 Fire DMG: 1d3+1 Fire
HEAL: 2 Regeneration HEAL: 1d2 Regeneration

12.Story Window

story list now sorts entries that begin with a number properly i.e. 11 will now come after 10 and not after 1

13. Image Window

Players now also have an image window list.
When an image is shared it is added to the players list, and an "s" icon appears on the GM's list next to the image noting it has been shared. When the GM closes the image, it is still available to the players by opening it from their image list if the GM clicks on the S icon, the icon disappears showing sharing has stopped. right clicking on the windowlist item and clicking unshare from the radial menu is also an option.

Images now have a small ""toolbar"" in the top left corner (initially visible only to the host)
the toolbar includes tools for:
pointers & masking (host only)
grid manipiulation (host only)
initially only 1 icon is visible. Clicking on this opens out the tool bar fully when fully open the targeting toolbar is visible/available to the players the grid toolbar is only available when a grid has been set from within the radial menu

pointers & masking
mask mode can now be activated directly from the toolbar, without need of radial menu freehand drawing mode can now be entered from toolbar, drawings can be selected and erased from tool bar

grid manipulation
initially hidden. If a grid is activated from the radial menu then it becomes visible, click the # to extend the toolbar out options to make minor adjustments to the grid position left right up down bigger smaller

The Targeting menu relates to , in the case of the HOST, the Current Active CT entry or
The PC in the case of the Client (active PC if he has more than 1 character) clear targets - clears all generated targets from the characters Targeting list

Target Friendly, all targets in the same FoF (friend or Foe) category will be targeted
Target Enemies, all targets not in your FoF (friend or Foe) category will be targeted

Token icons can be individually scaled by hovering over them and using control and mousewheel
if control is not used the token will be rotated token drops can now be made by the client without need for the CT to be open Clicking down on tokens (client) or Shift clicking (host) adds the PC/NPC to the players (client) or active CT entries (Host) Targeting list.

14. Encounters Window

Below each creature on the encounter is now an image (the same as the token image). The image
is repeated to the number of individual creatures in that group. These images can be dragged
to a map image and prepositioned on the map. When this is done the image in the encounters
window should changed to a tick, showing the creature has been positioned. Then when the
encounter is added to the CT the prepositioned tokens will be activated. Meaning all encounters

can now be prepositioned in advance of the gaming session, without having to put the creatures
in the CT first.

15. NPC window

XP field to NPC sheet
NPC's can be "Drag Copied" dragged and dropped in the same window


March 17th, 2012, 01:45

16. Item Window

a. Shared page
Name when Identified field added, the name entered here will be swapped for the name in the
title field when the item is identified meaning the true name can be kept secret until identified. The "at a glance" and "when Identified "fields are now "formatted text", meaning you can use bold, italics etc, items produced in previous version will still have only "string" fields

b. Main Page
radio box group at top of page to select Item Type: choice of Armor, Weapon, Container, Misc
Misc is default setting and all "old Style" items will have this setting, and will have to be adjusted manually if special Character sheet features are to be used.

misc items

number fields for:
EV (encumbrance Value)
Value (in gp)

GM Notes Formatted Text Field
isWorn? Checkbox. Checking the box means the item can be worn (for example a hat )
worn items will have half EV when worn in inventory


as misc items but with the following additional properties
EV type checkbox - selects between EV reduction and EV Multiplier
EV Capacity
EVReduction/EV Multiplier

EV Capacity, this is the max EV capacity of the container, currently this is only for information
EV Reduction is the Standard C&C EV method. C&C rules state that a container will distribute and
reduce the EV of the contents by 2 to a minimum of zero. The ruleset allows you to set this
reduction to any value you want.
EV multiplier is an optional system that can be selected by the EV type checkbox that reduces the
contents of the container by a percentage. The value should be set to a value between 0 and 1. Ssetting to zero is used for "portable holes" and the like. Making the contents in effect weightless
lesser magic items may not be so effective. Setting to 1 gives no benefit, and if EV reduction
is selected the EV multiplier will be set to 1 in order that it is nullified.

When EV multiplier is selected EV reduction will be set to Zero (i.e disabled)


number fields for:
EV (encumbrance Value)
Value (in gp)

Damage stringfield
GM Notes Formatted Text Field

sidebar/vertical Radio Group to choose weapon type

Choice of
Melee (default)

GM Notes Formatted Text Field
Bonus refers to any magical bonus to hit and damage the weapon may have
(currently only one value allowed)
Damage refers to the natural damage of the weapon
(or any magical damage that is not also counted in to hit bonus)
so a longsword+1 would have a bonus of +1 and damage of 1d8, but a Hook Sword+1 would have
a bonus of +1 and damage of 1d4+1

number fields for:
EV (encumbrance Value)
Value (in gp)
AC Adjustment

GM Notes Formatted Text Field
sidebar/vertical Radio Group to choose Armor type

Choice of

Full armor is a full set covering the whole body and includes a helmet part can covers only part of the body, this type of armor will stack ac adj on the character sheet (the importance of this discussed in the character sheet section) Deflection relates to bracers, rings and other magical armaments
Items are now drag and droppable to the charactersheet and from items in reference manuals, Currently items in the Manuals are in the "Old" format - should not give errors, but need some modification. Items which are shared with clients via the share radial menu are read only and only show the "at a glance" or "identified description", all other data is hidden.
If Items are dropped onto a character sheet, only limited fields are revealed until the item is identified.
Charactersheet items viewed by the host still show all fields and can still be edited or identified

17. Spell Window

A Spell window has been added to the sidebar (after notes/before library [wooden wand image])
The window allows creation of new spells reference library spells (or spells from adventure modules) can be drag and dropped onto the window list and can then be edited as desired.
Note: the window has class and level as separate entries, where as current player handbook has these all in one "level entry". Manual editing is required if you wan to clear this up."
spells can be dragged from this window to the remodeled spell window of the charatersheet
however they must have a level entry to do so, if there is no value dragging is not allowed.
if there are multiple level values (Cleric 0, Wizard 1, Illusionist 1) only the 1st will be used for the purposes of spell page placement, spells continue to be read only for players

18. Reference

Several templates have been added/altered to aid reference module building
a wide version of the inline text template which defaults to the wider format to allow
greater visibility of large text blocks reference items, have been adjusted to be of same format as the new items window Reference table templates added for better formatting


March 17th, 2012, 01:46

19. Character Sheet

Main Tab

Entry of a recognized class and current experience will calculate bth, XPE needed to next level
recognized race will result in standard languages for that race being generated.
Note if the entries are edited the edits will remain, but if they are deleted. They will be
recreated next time the page is opened. a recognized class will preselect the first prime attribute as appropriate. A recognized race will determine the maximum number of prime attributes that can be selected (i.e. 3 for humans and 2 for all others)
if half-elven (or halfelf) is selected as a race a small link will appear near the race field
the link opens a small window where the half elven heritage may be selected.
If elven is selected this effects the value generated for spell resistance, if human is selected this
gives changes to spell resistance and allows a ""secondary characteristic to be selected
Secondary characteristics give +2 to attribute checks against that attribute

Combat Tab

Changes: Movement moved to the Inventory tab bth frame updated to remove unnecessary repeats of bth values in the space created by removing the "move" data an extra spell resistance tab has been added this is specific to "charm and sleep", and is auto populated when the character is a elf or halfelf additional bonuses/penalties can be added to these fields by entering them directly and then clicking away from the field. These bonuses can then bee removed by setting the field to zero again automatically or deleting the number - natural bonuses will then be applied. Double click rolling from these fields reports success or failure in the chat window.

Initiative field is now modified automatically by exceptional dexterity

AC field now has additional files for Head AC and Helm Modifiers

The Weapons list has been removed and replaced with 3 horizontal tabs (in the same space)
-Equipt Weapons
- Weapons
- Armor

These 3 tabs are all tied to and have the same data source as the Inventory list
but are filtered to show only the correct data - based on the Item type, and whether the item is carried or not.

"The armor tab shows all items with the property ""armor"" that are being carried"
if the carried checkbox is not selected it will not appear on this list. it displays basic info - name, AC adj, and armor type. There is also a check box on the left hand side to equip the armor. And a link on the right hand side to the item sheet. equipt armor has its ac adjustment added to the appropriate modifier field in the AC subwindow of the Combat page.

Equipping armor is based on Armor type.
if the armor is type "full" no other armor except shields and defection (rings of protection etc) may be equipt at the same time - all other types will be unequipt. for "part" armor (breastplates, leggings etc) all type "full" items will be unequipt, but there is no restriction on the number of "part" items you can equip - this is to allow flexibility, but obviously common sense is required - two breastplates should not be equipt at the same time. the EV of all equipt armor on the Inventory page is halved.

The weapons tab shows all items with the property "weapon", which are being carried "
if the carried checkbox is not selected it will not appear on this list. All items on the weapons list from previous versions of this ruleset should have been ported to the inventory list, and thus this list on loading. The weapons will however all have defaulted to weapon type "melee" and will need to be adjusted manually by the GM. Alternately if they are generic types they could be deleted (in inventory tab) and new drag and drop versions imported from the updated players handbook

The tab shows Item Name, Wield, type (melee, ranged, thrown, ammo),raw damage, range/reach. range is the range increment in the PHB (the max range without any penalties)
the reach of a weapon is loosely defined as 0' (small, dagger etc), 5' (medium (standard weapons) and >5' [generally 6-8'] (large weapons, eg 2/h Sword, poleaxe). This value is ported to the CT when equipt and is used to display whether enemies are in range of attack or not

There are also 3 checkboxes (only 2 are visible at any one time)
The Check boxes (at the left hand side) are titled P and O - Primary Hand and Offhand
These boxes equip the weapon to that hand. Equipt weapons will appear in the Equipt weapons window. If the item is type "ammo" then there is only 1 ammo equip checkbox.

If the item is has a wield of 2 (2 handed) then equipping it will un equip all other weapons
(but not ammo) only 1 primary and 1 offhand weapon can be equipt at any one time
Note: some weapons such as the "hand and a half" or ""bastard sword"" can be wielded both in 1 hand or 2 and do different damage in each case. Currently this is beyond the scope
of the ruleset to automate. Therefore the wield and damage fields have been left open for
players to edit. They can thus change their fighting style as desired. Then New Players handbook items, will note this in text, but will default to 1 or the other style (the most common as far
as I can determine)

The Equipt weapons tab shows all items that have been equipt in the "weapons tab"
This is the normal default view when opening the combat tab.

The equipt weapons look more or less the same as weapons in the previous version of the
ruleset, but only those items which are equipt are shown. Meaning there are never more than
2 items on this list. If two Items are equipt the dual wield penalty is applied to the attack bonus If you do not use this penalty, or if you are using a custom system, with say Rangers have
a Dual wield skill then there is a checkbox (visible only to the host) which can be checked to allow the character to use two weapons without penalty. This box must be checked on a case for case basis, i.e on each character sheet that you want to exclude form the penalty.

Bonuses to hit are calculated based on the BTH and the "magic bonus" of the weapon, dual wield, str or dex and any bonuses you want to apply manually. Manual bonuses are applied by hovering over the bonus field (full attack or individual attack - opr indeed damage) pressing control and
using the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the value. These adjustments are visible in the temporary modifier bubble that appears above the field. These bonuses will save to the DB, so
that even when unequipt they will be there the next time the weapon is equipt. This allows you
to set up weapon specializations, and "elven longsword training" (neither of which is currentlysupported by automation)

Weapons which are equipt are shown in the hosts combat tracker (see combat tracker info) attacks and damage via double click are now executed on the targets in the players targeting list
If the targeted double click attack/damage is set to off only attacks are rolled without targets on a full attack, FG will cycle through the Target list and make one attack against each target
until it runs out of attacks. If there are more attacks than targets it will cycle through the list again. Single attacks can be made by double clicking the individual attack fields. However, if you have selected a lot of targets, it may be difficult in the heat of battle to predict who the attack will be against [excuse for difficult to code without rewriting EVERYTHING]. Mousing over
the field should show a tooltip of who the attack will be against.

These targets are not always the same, f you add a new target it might change the position of
the old on the target list.

Damage is usually rolled against single targets (as it depends on who you have hit).
The target list should be cleared first and the target you hit be reselected individually,
or the damage will be rolled against the first target on your list a confirmation of the current damage target is given on mouse over by a tool tip hold alt to damage all on target list
the weapon ""type"" can be changed by clicking on the icon (as in previous versions) This is to allow weapons , such as daggers, to be used as both melee and thrown weapons
Melee weapons use str bonus to hit and damage, ranged dex only to hit and thrown Dex to hit
and STR to damage. (GM may have to apply penalties for inappropriate use - i.e spears
"are not javelins, and whilst they can be thrown they are not really aerodynamic -but of course
that is up to the GM to decide how to handle)


March 17th, 2012, 01:48

A second check box will switch to the unarmed mode - a second sub window will cover the
equiptweapons. This is basically a weapons list like the one in the old ruleset, where weapon
items can be created and edited manually. It is envisioned that weapons such as Fist/kick could be created here. In the future more specialized Monk attacks would be here, but currently everything must be manually inputted. These weapons do not appear in the hosts CT weapon type is limited to "melee" and "spell like effect". Melee is for standard unarmed attacks and works the same as for equipt weapons. Spell like effects is for powers which may be granted from some artifact that can cause damage or heal, a certain number of times a day once selected, the attack fields are hidden, revealing a button that invites you to select the power type (Damage or Healing), then there is a field to select the number of times per day the power is" available. Inputting a number (from 1 to 20) brings up a row of checkboxes representing the uses available. The damage dice and fixed damage bonus fields should be filled with the appropriate dice and bonus. Double clicking (or dragging) on the dice will roll the damage at the targets, and check off one use of the power ,until all uses are used when further rolls will report that you have no uses left. Right clicking and selecting reset form the radial menu will set the checkboxes back to zero or you can do this manually, or by mouse wheel. Healing works the same, but adds hit points to the target(s) instead of deducting them.

Special abilities and Skills Tab

Skills are classed as things that are automated and can be rolled against
Special abilities are things that are not rolled against and/or have not been automated.

If a recognized class or race has been inputted in the main tab a list, of skills and abilities
will be generated based on level (abilities at the bottom and skills to the top)

like languages they can be altered, and the alterations saved, but if deleted they will return next time the page is opened. In some cases it expected they will be edited.
Eg. Weapon specialization -> longsword specialization

Skills are double click (and drag) rollable
the modifiers included in skill are those for class race level, prime and attribute bonus it is possible to add your own modifiers to the entry. Type it into the field, and then click away from the field. Your user value will be stored and added to the other modifiers , setting to zero removes the user modifiers leaving those calculated. creation of custom skills by radial menu, results in a text line, dropping dice will add a dice field dropping a number will add a bonus field, using the radial menu to select an associated attribute will add the attribute bonus to the bonus field value and the roll

Inventory Tab

Items from reference books and campaign window can now be drag and dropped to this tab.
Items can also be drag and drop copied between charactersheet inventory tabs.
items shared with players can also be dragged to this tab. Note: this could lead to multiple copies of the item as all players could do this even if there is only 1 of the item!
to share an item with only a single player drag it to their portrait instead of using radial menu Items dragged to the tab show only minimal data to players, but all data is still available to the host. Items can still be created on the charactersheet, but only of type ""misc"" special weapon and armor types must be created by the host in the items window, or dropped from a manual
The upper inventory field looks the same as before. EV should be entered automatically when an item is dropped onto the window.

Carried checkbox has changed to an icon cycler- now has: not carried, carried, worn
if an item is "worn" and can be worn its EV is halved, otherwise there is no difference between worn and carried. If armor is worn it is automatically "equipt" if the location field is filled out, and the name matches another items namefield, the item is deemed to be contained in that item, and will be slightly indented and should line up under the containing item. The carried icon cycler will turn to a diamond icon, and its EV will be set to "blank" whilst the EV of the container will be recalculated to include the contained item, depending on the EV modifier method selected (EV reduction or EV multiplier). If the container can be worn then its EV (not the EV of the contents) will be reduced by 50% when it is worn (a backpack for instance) lower Window (encumbrance)
The previous version had fields indicating the value of all encumbrance categories
These have been removed. Leaving only the base value. There is now a field which will indicate
which category the character is now in based on the base value and what he is carrying.
e.g. Unencumbered or over encumbered. Dex bonus for AC is automatically reduced if the character is heavily encumbered high encumbrance also reduces PC movement The "Move" field was moved from the combat tab to here. There are now 3 fields. Base, modifier and total. The base is calculated based on race. The modifier is a user defined field for bonuses such as "boots of speed". The total field calculates the total based on the previous two fields and any penalties for encumbrance. The base field is read only, unless the race is not recognized when it will become user definable.

Spells Tab

spells memorized fixed to only memorize up to the correct maximum amount
Spell progressions are now automatically calculated (includes bonus spells) based on class
and level (currently capped at level 24 based on CKG) [actually CKG is wrong, have corrected] in order to include extra bonus spells from "rings of Wizardry" and the like - or to adjust the spell progressions, both temporarily or permanently and extra bonus spell field is included
values entered here will be added to the spell progression above.

The Spontaneous select button, now has 3 options. Standard spell memorization, spontaneous spell slots and mana casting.
Mana casting shows 4 fields, base, misc, available and current.
base is calculated based on level and int/wis bonus, misc is for user entered modifiers, available is the total of the previous two, used is the field that will be filled when spells are cast (like wounds for hp), when this field is greater than the available mana spell casting is no longer allowed. (via button casting)

Spell tab now split into separate (horizontal) tabs for each spell level

Spells must be dropped onto the correct level for them to register. Spells are now stored in the charsheet. This allows spells to be sent by the GM and dropped on the Charsheet
reference spells can now be opened on the charsheet without the module needing to be opened Rightclicking on an individual spell name will give the options on the radial menu to reveal spell dice (for this spell or for all spells of this level.
"This opens a new field where ""damage"" or ""healing"" Can be selected. And a string"
field where a dice string should be entered. e.g. 10d10 (for a 10th level fireball)
clicking the redial menu again will hide the spell dice. They will default to hidden when
the charactersheet is exited
Clicking outside of an individual spell entry and you only get the option to reveal or hide all spell dice from all spell entries
When spell preparation is complete click on the check button to exit preparation mode (as before)This now enters Casting Mode, all spell tabs are hidden and a new page shows only those spells memorized. Next to each spell is a casting button.
Clicking on the casting button, will send a message that the player has cast the spell, and 1 preparation will be masked as cast. The message also shows all targets currently on the players
targeting list (see combattracker section for more details)
At this stage no further automation is initiated. This gives the GM time to think about what happens next (if he should roll saves/spell resistance or other external factor[dead magic zone])
"If the spell is an attack and the GM deems it hits then the player can press and hold shift, and " then press the casting button again. This will roll the dice entered into spell dice at all targets
on the list (good for area effect spells), if the targets have saved for half damage he should
press and hold alt instead of shift and then press cast. The damage will be halved (rounded down)and a message reporting that the roll is a half damage save is sent to the chat window.
all these damage rolls are added to the CT wounds entry if healing has been selected the steps are the same, but the value is deducted from the wounds entry do the target is healed.
If some people save and others donít; there are two options, reset targets list and select those youwant to roll against for saves, and then reset and select those you want to roll against for full damage. Or you can drag roll onto the tokens (or CT entry) of the specific creatures. Drag rolling
does not sue the target list. Note: in this case you have to (select shift or alt) and then press the casting button and drag (without releasing it)
For single target attacks the players need to ensure they are only targeting a single creature (or use drag rolling)


March 17th, 2012, 01:49

20. Combat Tracker

The small icons which used to indicate which CT fields were linked to a PC have been removed They were felt, unnecessary and sometimes interfered with text visibility Deletion of a single NPC from the CT, now needs to be confirmed before deletion takes place Character and NPC AC is now selectable on the host tracker
This defaults to "General AC" which is highlighted on entry into CT in red if you want to roll against Flatfooted or Touch AC, click down of the appropriate AC label and it will highlight in red indicating that this is the AC all automated rolls will evaluate a hit against.
NPC's generally only have ""General AC "" listed, and touch AC will automatically be set to 10 and flat footed left blank, but these are adjustable by the GM.
NPC initiative can be set in the options to roll init on entry into CT, now there is a (copper) button at the bottom of the CT. When clicked NPC init will be rolled again every time the round counter
advances to a new round (note any NPC with negative hit points will have their init set to zero and is excluded from this roll), anybody with zero init will have their turn skipped in the tracker
weapon reach/range is taken (for PC's) from the value of the same name of the equipt weapon
On mouse over a token the player/host will see the area which they are able to reach with their
attack highlighted in grey.

Token icons can be individually scaled by hovering over them and using control and mousewheel NPC attacks and damage are rolled (like PC character sheet attacks) against those on the NPC's target list, pressing all rolls all attacks and damages at all targets on the target list - good for
area effect spells, or if all attacks hit and you don't want to roll damage individually
"PC "equipt Weapons " appear on the Host CT and can make double click attacks and damage
As well as token click selection, the host has a button to drag onto tokens or CT entries to add
them to the Target list. As well as a target clear button on each entry. Note this clear button only clears host targets, not those added by players which are separate.
There is a global show all targeting button at the top and a show targeting button for each CT entry

Effects system has been altered to update on the init value of when the spell was cast and not the caster s turn (which might change every round). This also means the caster may safely be deleted without effecting the effect update
onalt pressed - area effect damage and attacks, Holding shift dives crit (double damage)


March 17th, 2012, 02:56
Very nice, and brutally explicit on what he intended to do! Lots of work!

Rethinking about this yoke :(

March 17th, 2012, 03:05
I don't blame you! Although it's important to point out that I *think* that much of the grunt work was done - I think he was wrapping things down to start eliminating bugs in preparation for releasing it. I'm sure there really is a lot of work left to do, but as much as the list makes out.

March 17th, 2012, 18:37
Oh yeah, he also added as he went the resizable chat window, and Dr. Z's rollable customizable tables... as if this update needed to be more awesome.