View Full Version : Drag and Drop - A thought!

March 2nd, 2012, 13:22

I just purchased the BRP ruleset and I have to say I like it alot!

I'm in the process of converting my Monday game over from D20 to BRP and noticed a few things that the BRP ruleset doesnt have wich is a shame.

You cannot drag and drop Items from the Equipment List into the Inventory tab.

Also I noticed that when you drag and drop a weapon onto the main page, (Which is pretty cool, shame you can't do this for shields) The skill value does not update based on the skill of the weapon added to the skills tab.

For Example:

Short sword uses sword skill. I add a sword skill onto the skills tab under combat group. When I drag the short sword onto the main tab of the character sheet. I have to manually type the skill value in here. Now I have to 2 sets of skill values and 2 locations which can be ticked.

Just an observation.

But it would be awesome to be able to drag and drop items into inventory as the D20 rule set does.

But all in all .. awesome set of rules and not going back!