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February 9th, 2012, 02:26

I was thinking about Prestidigitation and its use as a cleaning tool. This is pretty interesting if we do some simple math.

1. Duration of the spell is 1 hour.
2. At the end of the duration something that's been cleaned stays clean.
3. Prestidigitation can be cast every round, without limit.
4. Per casting, Prestidigitation can clean stuff in 1 cubic foot.
5. That means that Prestidigitation can clean an average sized person in 6 castings (6 cubic feet).
6. An hour is 100 rounds.
7. A single caster, then, working a sweat-shop 12 hour day could cast this spell
1200 times per day, cleaning roughly 200 typical humanoids and their clothes.
8. If aforementioned worker works 6 days a week, he's cleaning 1200 people and their clothes every week. In a month (4.5 weeks) he's cleaning 5400 people.
9. That's just one guy.

Think about a sweat shop with a dozen low paid Prestidigitation casters doing this all day. They could clean almost 65,000 people a month (granted, one right after the other).

Let's assume it costs a paltry 1 sp to get this done. That's a gross revenue of 6500 GP a month, or 78000 GP per year. That's some serious money.

And all this based on a 0-level spell.

February 9th, 2012, 03:59
Math is slightly wrong, a round is 6 seconds so there is 600 an hour and 7200 in a 12 hour day. If you only wanted to charge 1s that would be your choice but you would probably have a problem with local mage's guild as well.

Truthfully, your conclusion is mostly correct, your problem would be demand as a Silver is alot money for most and the other would be if the GM would allow it, depending on the world it would fit or not fit, like Eberron vs Dark Sun as more polar examples.

February 9th, 2012, 04:48
Don't care if the math is wrong, every inn that considers itself upscale needs to have a 1st level character standing at the door making sure everyone that enters is clean.

Adding this to all my games I think.

Thanks for the Laugh


February 9th, 2012, 08:25
Was more of point that profits would be much higher then what he estimated and along those lines there is a lot of fun things you could do for a rich establishment with 0 slot spells.

Doors are opened for clients,
music playing in the background,
hot bathes,
a breeze during hot or humid days,
had a 4th ed Sorcerer who would do etchings using acid orb channeled through a dagger,
Ray of Frost for cold drinks,
poison checking

heck, you could pull off a great haunted house, hmmm. :ninja:

February 9th, 2012, 14:01
I was just being funny, it was not a poke. Typed comments sometimes read wrong.
no hard feelings I hope.


February 9th, 2012, 15:35
Ah, no wasn't offended but alot joking and sarcasim goes right over my head. I can be a little to literally minded at times. Mind you, like you said, I could see walking into some exclusive Gentlemen's Club as an adventurer and having a servant stop me and then clean me off with prestidigiation, sniffs at the [dwarf, barbarian, gnome, ...] and do the samething to them.