View Full Version : SW group looking for SW group

February 9th, 2012, 00:09
I posted in the guild house about a new Sunday group to play at 11am on Sundays (GMT-8).

The group will be a weekly group. The group will be STARTING OUT with a 50 fathoms game, which may be weekly for the first few sessions, but will revert to bi-weekly at some negotiable point in time. Then, another bi-weekly campaign will be interleaved with the 50F campaign.

That other bi-weekly Sunday game could be whatever SW campaign you and your group is or wants to play. I am especially thinking of another SW group that has maybe only 3-4 regular players and wants to bulk up the # of players by combining groups.

Anyway, I have seen a lot of posts of SW groups looking for players. I have never seen a post about a SW group looking for a SW group. Ha ha. Well, I thought it might be good to at least bring up the idea of a merger :)