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January 4th, 2012, 22:09

I'm still having difficulty moving PC characters to new campaigns that I create. Do I have to cut and paste the db file to make it work?

Some guidance would be helpful.


January 4th, 2012, 23:44
The general trick has always been to have just one campaign file, and introduce new scenarios as imported "adventure modules".

So I have a main campaign, and then create a new campaign called "Trouble in Texas" or something like that, populate that campaign with all the story / image / NPC / token elements, and then use the "/export" command to turn that new campaign into a module file, which I can then import into my main campaign (and un-import when I'm done with it).

That said, v3.2 (you've upgraded, right ?) should have PC export / import function built into it - which pretty much copies out the bit of db.xml your going to need / pastes it into a new campaign file, all behind the scenes. It doesn't bring over any linked NPC allies or vehicles currently, but I have a suspicion 99% of people don't use them anyway...

There are two ways of doing this. One way is via the chat window; type "/exportchar [name of character]" and them pick a filename to save the character to. Oh, don't forget you can press tab to complete character names too, to make this less keyboard intensive. Then, in the new campaign, type "/importchar" and pick the file you wish to import. Do this for each character, and your done !

The second way should be via the "PC" character menu - right click on any character list entry and select the export character option. Similarly, right click an empty part of the list and select the import character option to import a character file into a new campaign. The only caveat to this part is I'm now not sure I finished writing this part now that I think about it ! I'm away from my development / FGII machine, but I'll check, and if not I'll put something on the wishlist to add import/export menu options in.

But yeah, the slash commands (/importchar and /exportchar) should certainly be there.

January 5th, 2012, 07:48
NOw if I had known about that I'd have made a video :(

Oh well I'll add it to the list.

January 5th, 2012, 14:41

That export import function worked really smooth. Thanks

A follow up question, if I might. I do most of my campaign building at work on my laptop. However, our game sessions are always from my home computer.

1) If I do export the campaign into a module can I constantly update it as I work on it, or does it need to be a completed campaign before you export it as a module (I hope that makes sense)
2) What is the best way to transfer a campaign file back and forth between two computers. Currently I'm cut and pasting the campaign file from one comp to the other. The only bad thing is I'm putting all the tokens I create in the host token folder and then have to hunt for them and cut and paste them as well, it works but is slow. I'm trying to follow the videos advice and wait until I'm done before I link tokens.

I did upgrade to 3.2 and it is awesome, thanks so much for all your hard work.


January 8th, 2012, 23:51
You can keep updating and exporting a module, and the campaign should adapt quite nicely. It's not a streamlined process (you keep having to re-enter the export information for one thing... maybe there is a wishlist improvement for the next version !)

Campaign between two computers ? No easy answer there, other than what your doing. You might improve it with some technical cleverness via Dropbox folders (and windows "junction" folders) but from an FGII perspective, I can't think of anything you can do (other than put the tokens inside the campaign / modules, so you don't "lose" them !)

3.2 was my pleasure. I honestly planned to take a break before starting on 3.3 or other add-ons, but I keep being drawn back... just... one... more... improvement :)