View Full Version : Starting off 2012 with 3 new SW products. 2 of them are free

January 3rd, 2012, 03:40
If you pick them up from the store here, you'll need to pair it up with another non-free item in order to check out. Otherwise, you can pick them up at DriveThruRPG or RPGNow without having to buy anything else. Sorry, this is a limitation with our shopping cart system.

Devil's Night is a short one to two sheet adventure for Deadlands to showcase the new SW Horror Companion.

Eye of Kilquato is an older but free module from Pinnacle for Savage Worlds that is suitable for a pulp adventure in South America. Nazis included.

Shadows of Darkness is the first in the Frost Giant series in Hellfrost that pits the players up against goblin kind and Frost Giants inevitably.

Thanks to Kevin Doswell for all three of these conversions. I had been sitting on a few of them and just now got finished QCing and packaging them for resale. If you haven't tried a commercial adventure module yet, here is your chance to see what sort of thing is included. Please bear in mind that these are small sample-sized adventures and no where near what you would typically get as far as quantity.