View Full Version : SWD Chase rules... and SWD in FGII

December 14th, 2011, 09:56
Just wondered how other people are handling SWD chase rules in FGII.

We tried them for the first time last night and I have to admit I LIKE them.

We used the Deadlands poker table to deal out cards to each player (we were lucky that there were only 5 PCs and I bad guy in the chase).

So with a view that PW will be doing the SWD version soon, I thought we could kick-start ideas on how to implement the new rules in to FGII.


December 15th, 2011, 03:49
SWD is fully in progress :)

I've also just really absorbed the new chase rules, not tried them yet (although think I've got a good chase scene setup for this weekend's session), and was thinking how best to do them in FGII.

One thought was the card table in DL:R, another was the general "hand of cards" tool. Both of these support the concept of "each player has 1 or more cards", which means they work for the chase. But the table mean players can see each other's hands, so probably is better right now.

What we ideally need is some hybrid of combat tracker (ordered list of participants based on a card value) and "hand of cards" / card table tool (allow the GM to deal one or more cards to a participant).

Drilling down a little, it might need to allow players to "pick" there card for the round (after all, if the choice is 10 of clubs or 8 of hearts, you might be more tempted by the 8 to avoid the club card), and could potentially offer an indication or drag-and-drop modifier for each targets they can shoot at - this would need to vary depending on which active character you had (don't forget user's can have multiple characters open). Perhaps also something that allows players to select their target on the mini-tracker (as it's unlikely you'll have a combat map image up for these abstract chase sequences).

Anything more ? Lets brainstorm this ! Suspect there might be a really good tool in the making here.