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November 22nd, 2011, 04:37
Gonna run one of Paizo Publishing's Adventure Paths. Please sign up for the AP you would like to play the most


I am going to run the game that has the most players apply.

Once again it will be on Sunday's after 5 MDT at this point and go for 4 hours or longer.

November 22nd, 2011, 12:42
Me me me me.

November 23rd, 2011, 00:05
Damn, would love to join but that's 11m on a Monday morning for me. Don't think I'll be able to take a 4 hour lunch! :(

November 24th, 2011, 03:21
Well If I get alot of people respond i may run a saturday game as well.

We'll see how it goes


November 26th, 2011, 16:29
would it be okay if I sign up even though i have never played a pathfinder game or generally heard of it?? I ahve played 3.5 DND but never pathfinder

November 26th, 2011, 18:03
would it be okay if I sign up even though i have never played a pathfinder game or generally heard of it?? I have played 3.5 DND but never pathfinder

Learning Pathfinder is very easy if you have played 3.5. You should be able to pick it up easy if you know 3.5 fairly well. If you are willing to learn the rules, then I am willing to teach.

I am looking for players that are in it to play for the long term. If your up to that then I'm good with it. madmanfg2 is my skype name, find me so we can talk.

Hit me up


November 27th, 2011, 06:00
I am an experienced Pathfinder player, but I just bought the FGII software, so I'd be interested in making this my first outing FG.

November 27th, 2011, 08:22
I never used Fantasy Grounds but played in Pathfinder Society. So I have no experience in Adventure Paths but if you'll except me I'll be glad to play. I already signed up for Serpent's Skull.

If I'm allowed to play (I've noticed if I join you're over one) I'd like to know if we're doing twenty point buy or something else. I've already made my character except for that.

November 27th, 2011, 08:41
you guys should hit me up on skype so we can talk.
madmanfg2 is my skype name will be around all day Sunday and most of the day Monday. And im still awake now as it were.


December 2nd, 2011, 21:58
My group just had a meltdown in Ravenloft. I wasn't looking to start from scratch again--and would prefer not to. Are you wanting to start PCs at level 1? And, are you still putting together a group?


December 12th, 2011, 13:51
I'd love to play! I cant skype but perhaps email today, mine is [email protected] if you want to hit me up.

December 12th, 2011, 15:28
Game is full at this point. If someone does not work out I will post for new players.


January 27th, 2012, 20:07
New to FG but not new to DND would love to join and play .