View Full Version : First Pathfinder Game - 3 Initial Impressions

October 16th, 2011, 23:44
So I ran my first Pathfinder Society game in Fantasy Grounds last night. I had alot of fun and my first impression is that the reputation Paizo has for well done adventures is well earned. We had a blast. I do have some initial thoughts as a predominatly 4e person to this point.

4e and PF are different. I need to make a better effort to remember the differences between 4e and PF. No such thing as a minor action, the way spells work with saves and healing were differences that I had to be corrected on.

The 4e and PF rulesets in FG are different. I miss the 4e bells and whistles when running in FG. Biggest example? NPC's having their spells as clickable powers on their sheet. The encounter I ran had 2 bad guy caster types. Manually telling my players how they were attacking, manually rolling a die and calculating bonuses, dealing withs saves and applying effects was not as smooth as it is in the 4e ruleset. I hope the PF system continues to catch up with 4e in this repect.

Adventure creation in PF is easier. The PF parser for entities and Paizos pdf policy mkae adventure conversion alot easier in PF. It was nice to be able to save a map and not worry about manipulating the image to get rid of secret doors and labels.