View Full Version : 3.5 Actions for Magical Items

September 3rd, 2011, 16:37
In the Action tab, there's no method of automatically enter magial items, unlike spells and weapons (that I've been able to figure out). So here's what I've done and it works well.

Create a Class and Call it "Item CL 1". In the CL enter "1".
In the Level: bar, enter 10 for example in the box under 1. This signify you can prepare up to 10 spells or items in this case.

Now you are ready to add a Cure Light Potion.

Pull the spell from the Cleric Class in the 3.5 book and add it to the Action tab.
Change the name of the spell to "Potion of CLW". While in preperation mode, click on the small circle to select 1 potion. If you have many potions, select the number you have.

Voila you have an action attributed to a potion.
You can do that for scrolls and wands.
Wands on the other hand, have many charges. I don't know how many spells you can prepare per level, but you can create multiple items and select the number of charges you have.

You need to create a different class per level of magic item (based on caster level). For a Cure Moderate Wound potion, you need to create a Class called "Item CL 3", etc...

For items that simply work and have no caster level to worry about, Create a Caster level 0 item class. Example is a Anklet of Translocation. You add it to the CL0 for tracking purposes.

The only caution is when you rest. You will have to clean up the items before you do that. otherwise it will prepare them back and you don't want that.

Maybe we'll have an enhancement at some point to address magical items.