View Full Version : Player can't see server PCS or chat window

July 24th, 2011, 21:10
I have a Player that has trouble logging on. I eventually gave him a copy of a cache that i got by logging in with a 2nd instance of FG. This sorted the problem and he could create a PC.

He's now having problems again, when he logs in he can't see the server PCs or the chat window....

Moon Wizard
July 24th, 2011, 22:43
If the others in your campaign are not having issues, it sounds like your player might be having some sort of network issue.

When a player first logs in, the ruleset and campaign data is sent in a big batch, so that the client can verify that they have the most recent files and database. While the database is downloading, the client will open up the character selection window, and request additional database information for the available characters.

If there are network issues, then some of the data might not be delayed or not arrive at all. (i.e. characters in the selection window)

Some items to check:
* Check network settings in OS firewall or 3rd party firewall (McAfee, etc.) to see what FantasyGrounds.exe is allowed to access.
* Check QoS settings in firewall (if any) and in router to see if any ports are being throttled. Try turning QoS off, and seeing if that helps.
* Make sure that there are no other bandwidth intensive applications running on the network. (BitTorrent, video chat, movie downloads, etc.) Also, some Facebook configurations have high bandwidth requirements as well.
* If connecting via wireless, try a wired connection. If the wireless is getting interference, similar issues can happen.


July 24th, 2011, 23:37
Thanks for your reply.

It is a network issue I think, as when he "borrows" a connection, it all works fine.

What is strange is that he gets a "partial" connection on his own network.