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July 23rd, 2011, 23:57
I wrote up an adventure. I exported it. Everything worked fine. I then decided to add some flavor images to the module. I dropped the images into the folder with the other module images and maps.

The new images did not appear in the module. But all the old module images and the new images appear in the initial "maps & images" tab.

I pressed on and opened up the module. I then dropped all the icons from the module tabs into their corresponding initial tabs. Story to story and so on.

I thought I would then export everything a second time after closing the original module - giving the new export a new module name. I hesitated. I thought I had better wait to make sure I didn't want to make any more changes. I saved the campaign and exited the program.

I returned to the program and started the campaign. The initial tabs were all empty, except for the "images & maps" which were still showing all the old images from the module and the new ones I had dropped in. I opened the module. I now had duplicates of everything in all the module tabs.

What should I have done? thanks

July 24th, 2011, 00:30
I'm not exactly sure what you are doing by your description. But, I'm guessing you may be opening the .mod in the same campaign that made the .mod?

When creating a .mod use a seperate campaign from the one you actually want to play in. Don't open any previous versions of the .mod in this campaign. Then, make all of the entries the way you want them - change the tab icons and names in for story, images, etc... then export the .mod.

Create a new campaign and open the .mod in that campaign. In this new campaign the .mod is essentially read only - you have the "illusion" of being able to make changes (moving items from the .mod tab to the main one, etc) but these are only valid for your current session - they are not saved when you exit.

To make changes to your .mod, you must go back to your original campaign you created the .mod from - don't open the .mod in this campaign, just work with all the elements (story, images, etc) as you did before - get them how you want them and export them to a .mod.

Then go back to your playing campaign and open the updated .mod to see your new/modified "stuff".

I hope the above makes sense and that it helps you with your issue.

July 24th, 2011, 02:24
Thanks, I think you've helped explain things.

I believe however that my mistake happened a long time ago.

After I originally made the .mod and exported it, my intentions were to keep building all the .mods in this campaign as the players went up levels.

Therefore, to keep things neat and orderly to work on the next .mod, I deleted all the data in the campaign about this first .mod because it was already saved. But now that I want to go back and edit that first .mod, I don't have anything to work with.

In short, don't delete your work from the campaign even if you have exported it because you're not going to be able to go back and edit it if you have.

A tough lesson to learn.

Again, thanks.

July 24th, 2011, 06:03
Actually all the original data is still in the mod. You could get it, out and place it in a new campaign then make your changes and re-export. Module files are zip files in disguise.

Make a copy of you module and keep it somewhere safe as a backup. Then create a new campaign in FG, start it and then exit it. Change the .mod to .zip and unzip it. You will see any images and two XML files. The problem with the unzipping the module files is it doesn't have the folder structure a campaign needs so you need to open your new, empty campaign folder and copy the db.xml you unzipped over the new empty one in the campaign file you just created and then move all the images you unzipped into the new campaign images folder. You should then be able to load the campaign and edit it. Once you are finished just re-export the module.

Personally, I do keep all the campaign files I export adventure modules from for sheer convenience because I do tend to update my modules a lot while running them - but you can always just unzip the module files.

July 24th, 2011, 07:43
Thanks, that is great news.

One "build campaign" to build modules
One "play campaign" to play modules
One "temporary campaign" to edit exported modules that no longer have the data already in place to edit and export in the build campaign.

1. Start "temporary campaign" and exit.
2. Rename the adventure module's .mod extension to .zip
3. Unzip the adventure module.
4. Copy the the db.xml file of the unizped module.
5. Paste the db.xml file in the blank db.xml file of the "temporary campaign".
6. Move all images of the unzipped module to the image folder of the "temporary campaign".
7. Start "temporary campaign".
8. Make any additional changes to the adventure in the "temporary campaign" while in the "temporary campaign".
9. Export the adventure creating a module.
10. Delete the "temporary campaign".

Okay, I can handle that.

Again, thanks.

July 25th, 2011, 19:55
You're welcome, :) but remember step 1.5) Make a backup of the module before you unzip them in case of any accidents so you don't lose anything. :p

It's also possible there may be some other data inside a module file like tokens. If so just make a token folder in the temporary campaign file as well and put the tokens inside of that folder.