View Full Version : Damage not being applied during encounters

July 16th, 2011, 13:20

My friend purchased the Ultimate version of FG last night, and we were testing the system with me connecting via the unregistered client. Everything works great, except that during an encounter, damage was not being applied after it had been calculated. The damage would be displayed properly in the chat window, but it would not actually apply to anything in the combat tracker. We both had the tracker open, and could target the appropriate tokens.

We also noticed that hot keys weren't working properly. If I had an NPC targeted, and clicked the hot key for an attack, for instance, it would roll the attack, but not against the NPC. If, however, I clicked directly on the attack roll in my powers list, it would roll it against the NPC.

Any help is appreciated. We're both very excited to use the software, given that it could greatly speed up and streamline our games.


Moon Wizard
July 16th, 2011, 17:58
There is an option in the campaign settings to "Enable PC actions". This determines whether players can automatically make rolls to apply against other creatures, or whether they will just make the roll without appying.

The GM can also drag the result of the damage roll onto a CT entry.

In the 4E ruleset, the hot keys will only make rolls, not apply them to your current targets. Also, hot keys are static, which mean that once the roll is set; the values never change. So, as a character levels or as effects are applied, the hot key rolls will not update. Right now, it's best to use the character sheet or mini sheet for all your rolls.

This is how the hot keys were originally implemented. I have plans for an overhaul of the way hot keys work for a future version that will make them more useful.

Currently, most people use the hot keys for reference lookup of library material, or to apply misc die rolls or modifiers using the slash commands (/die or /mod)