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July 5th, 2011, 01:27
Anyone know if a Rolemaster Standard ruleset is being worked on?
Or if it's caught up with rights issues, I wonder if an official one will ever be produced if all that is cleared up.

July 5th, 2011, 04:14
We are very likely to never see an RMSS FG2 ruleset. If another one were to be developed it would be RMFRP (not that there is a substantial difference between Standard System and Fantasy Role Play).

Not being a fan of RMSS+ (straight up 2nd ed here:p ) I have never investigated all the rights. I suspect though, it is in similar rights limbo as 1st and 2nd with some rights having been reverted to missing authors. Check over at the Guild Companion (http://www.guildcompanion.com/) though, someone (likely Nick Caldwell) might know what the rights status is. Here, I suspect only Stewart would know.

As you likely know the reason for RMC's existence is to bring 2nd ed out of rights limbo, with the lost author's works being rewritten. GC is working on releasing material as they can.

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New info: From the GC:
Welcome back to the Guild Companion. As promised last month, Iron Crown has made some new (or rather, old) Shadow World materials available as PDFs. It also looks like some of the classics (such as RMFRP) are making it into PDF format. One of the challenges involved is tracking down the original authors. So, please consider reaching out (e.g., through the various online forums) if you are (or know) any of the RM authors.

What this means: The right issues for at least part of RMFRP have been resolved (original authors found)

July 5th, 2011, 23:07
Bleh. I didn't do much playing with the older RM version, but I immediately liked RMSS.

I know that there's not that much difference, but if they ever DO a RMFRP ruleset I hope they can include an option to toggle full RMSS rules only.

But, given the choice of a RMC ruleset and NO ruleset, I may just need to learn to like it :hurt: . Though, I think that just the way RMC handles spells may be the biggest difference between the two. I just hope that, again, they will maybe add addtitional options to make it more like RMSS, for those that prefer to do so.