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July 1st, 2011, 10:27
Hello all,

I've been using FG on and off to play a campaign with friends, and now I thought I'd use it to support my tabletop group by connecting my laptop to the television set and showing the client side on the television.

I'm using version 2.7.6 of FG under Windows 7, and with the supplied 3.5E ruleset I created a campaign, put some images under it and set up some personalities to use on the maps (the PCs and some goblins). I created a player to log in with and I set up the combat tracker with all personalities and put them all on a map, the PCs visible and the gobbies invisible. Now, granted, this map image is some 2Mb, so that's rather large for an FG image.

Then, I start a second instance of FG and connect to the first one. I select the player I created earlier, and there I am, all set to go.

Then, on the GM side, I preload the image. Not a hitch. I wait until the little spiderweb is visible and then select "Share sheet". BAM. Down goes my playerside FG (although the GM side stays up): "Fantasy grounds.exe has stopped working".

Any thoughts? At first I thought it might have to do with the size of my shared image, but a larger file shared just fine. I can share other images (pics of monsters, for instance) without a problem. Maybe something with the number of tokens(20) on the map?

I did read in the release notes that in version 2.7.2 of FG something was solved with regards to crashes on failed image transfers. Maybe that came back in later versions? Or is something not up to date on my end?

Moon Wizard
July 1st, 2011, 19:22
Not sure what is happening. I have had 20+ tokens on the map for several of my 4E encounters.

Perhaps you could ZIP up your campaign, and mail to [email protected]?


July 6th, 2011, 13:57
I seem to have a player who regularly experiences crashes when I share an image as well (tokens on the map or not). Last night it was only this one player who experienced it, but others have had this happen in the past.

Also, the images are not large in size (50 - 100k). I try to keep all images under 100k in size. My connection is a 15mb down/1mb up line.

Running 2.7.6. Using Labyrinth Lord rules.

I'm going to have us all try the 2.8 test version and see if that resolves it.