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The Dark Wizard
June 20th, 2011, 08:02
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Creation: A flat world surrounded by endless chaos. Beset by the fair folk who seek to consume it, by the Deathlords who seek to slay it, by the fallen Primordials who seek to reclaim it. Other threats plague this land from within as well. Greedy warlords, spreading their domains. Corrupt and lazy gods allowing chaos to rule. Mad sorcerer-kings who crush mortals like ants. Every day is wrest from the jaws of disaster, a testament to the indomitable will of those who dwell on this world. For despite its many dangers and threats, Creation is defended. The Exalted, greatest of heroes chosen by the Incarnae themselves to carry out their will, strive every day to preserve Creation’s fragile existence.

Welcome to Shards of Adventure, a persistent world open forum RP set in the world of Exalted. You are the chosen champions, the Exalted, larger than life heroes facing larger than life enemies. Although you fight against beings whose power is beyond reckoning, you possess strength to match them. Will you stay in your city, protecting your small corner of Creation? Will you venture forth, seeking to rid the land of evil? Or will you conquer it yourself, unifying the divided land beneath your glorious banner. Or will you even be the very doom that the other Exalted seek to stop? For not all Exalted are good...

What is an Open World RP? An open world RP is essentially several different normal games set in the same world at the same time, yet it is also much more than that. While your circle seeks to save Gem from destruction (again), another exalt could influence the outcome without even being directly involved. An open world RP is a game of many interconnecting threads and characters, where anyone can have an influence on the myriad stories.

Game Basics:

You will be a young Exalt (0xp, Scroll of Errata character creation), of any sort other than Alchemical. Forming groups (Called “circles”) with other players is strongly encouraged, but not required.
We will also need some Storytellers to help run the world, arbitrate encounters and tell the stories that take place. There should be no more than one storyteller to every five players, but no fewer than one to every ten.
All locations share a common time (e.g. two posts made at the same time occur at the same time). However, unless those two groups are interacting, this shouldn't interfere with the story. To facilitate travel over the long distances in Creation, there will be a network of portal stones added to quickly move from one city to another.
Once in the game, largely anything goes. You can interact with other players freely, but a storyteller needs to be present for the following circumstances:
Important Social Combat
NPC interaction
Significant Story Advancement
The game will be play by post, but chat channels will be made available should they be needed.
Storytellers will run local events, which will grant XP and story rewards for participating. In addition, if there is a story you want your character to experience (e.g. searching for a long-lost brother or exploring a tomb), simply contact a storyteller and work things out between the two of you.
Characters receive 1xp per day, plus rewards for storyteller events. Characters other than Solars, Abyssals and Infernals receive an additional 1xp every sunday. Terrestrials receive 2xp instead.
All books other than Scroll of Heroes are allowed, but a storyteller must approve each character
Provided decent in-game effort has been made towards improving the stat in question, training times will be largely ignored
Please follow basic etiquette. Don’t attack other PCs without permission, and just be polite in general.
Every Direction will have a forum section, with each area having a thread. Should the need arise, multiple threads may be started per location.

If you are interested in being either a player or a storyteller, please post at the link (http://www.waywardinn.com/threads/exalted-shards-of-adventure-open-world-rp.83/#post-403) at the beginning of this post. Additionally, any questions, suggestions or comments may be posted there as well.

June 20th, 2011, 17:05
Is this a Ruleset being run within FG2?

The Dark Wizard
June 20th, 2011, 18:23
It will be mostly Post by Post but when chat is required we will gather via FG :). Its my favorite software.