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May 7th, 2011, 19:33
I am really really new to this, but i have bought the everknight module , but when I load, while I do have the rule books and such I do not have a ready made campaign.. perhaps Im not supposed too ?? I also bought the Zmbie run module,, this module is working fine, all the story and tabs are in place?? perhaps I just done know what im doing well enough ? or the Everknight thing requires me to set up?????

May 7th, 2011, 22:14
Hi prale, I did Evernight. Evernight and most of the Savage World settings originally done by Digital Adventures were made as library modules instead of adventure modules. This allowed us to give the players access to the player data while keeping the GM data hidden from the players and combine the GM data in the style of the actual Savage World product.

Evernight has three library modules. It is unusual in that there are two player modules and a GM Guide. The first Player Guide is for the first part of the campaign, while the second one is for the second part of the campaign. I did it that way to prevent spoilers.

You should force load the First Player Guide to your players when you start loading the game to allow them to set up their characters and get the back story. This is an adventure the GM should read through entirely before he starts running it. When you get to the second part of the campaign you can then force load the second player guide as well.

Now, to the meat of your question. The EN GM Guide is divided into to parts and can only be seen by the GM. The GM Guide is divided into three parts. The Game Master's section that gives all the campaign background and backstory, Special Rules for just the Evernight campaign, and the Dying of the Light Campaign.

The Acts I to V section holds the actual scenario that would be in an adventure module with the Scenes being the encounters. Inside the Scenes are the links to the maps and npcs. The npcs are also all available in the Bestiary.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


May 8th, 2011, 03:50
Thank you, you answered my question perfectly, very helpful.....