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April 25th, 2011, 17:37
The pointers in the SW ruleset have been modified to give small, medium, large and cone templates. Which is good :D however...

I currently have two issues:

1. We now do not have custom round or any square "pointers". Now, square I can live without, however it would be nice to have custom round: 4" radius torch for example.

2. This is one that I have posted the poll for. The rules are geared to tabletop play (and inches) and not squares. And a burst template can typically be "placed anywhere", this is why (I believe) that the pointers normal "snap to grid" has been turned off in the SW ruleset.

I would like to see it turned back on as, as can be seen be seen in the image below, it can give misleading information. If this was the case then the centre of any burst template would snap to the centre or vertices of any square, something that *I* would be willing to live with. Thoughts?

http://img860.imageshack.us/img860/4120/swpointer.jpg (http://img860.imageshack.us/i/swpointer.jpg/)


July 12th, 2011, 12:01
[EDIT] misunderstood the code - actually the code never tried to snap to grid, just keep the pointers a constant size.

Adding snap to grid now... (http://savagefgii.idea.informer.com/proj/savagefgii?ia=21559)