View Full Version : Warhammer 2nd Edition - can't view rules/modules

April 24th, 2011, 18:22
Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I installed the 2nd Edition Warhammer rules from the wiki.

By installed, I mean I copied the directy over to the ruleset folder in app data, roaming etc.

I can create characters and all seems to work fine, except in the campaign mode I cannot view anything other than the character creator. Character sheet and such.

I assumed I could see (for example) the monster list for populating the combat window. And other rules. I bought the Call of Cthulhu ruleset and installed that, and though I know that is an official ruleset, I did expect the unofficial warhammer one to be similar.

Can anyone explain if this is just how it works, or did I not set something up correctly.

Finally, I have the ultimate edition.

April 24th, 2011, 19:18
The difference between official and unofficial rulesets is that the official ones are licensed and will be purchased. That allows the rules to be published in modules as part of the ruleset. The community rulesets (the unofficial ones) are free and can't include rules - they aren't licensed. They will only include character sheets and (possibly) other VTT functionality (like NPC sheets and combat tracker stuff).

April 24th, 2011, 19:49
Thanks for the reply. Makes perfect sense. I have the rules but loved the convenience of the CoC set up.

So I just add monsters items and campaign materials manually. Cheers.