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February 28th, 2011, 22:02
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I've started converting my old AD&D Core Rules 2.0 to Iron Heroes.

This campaign is Fantasy with some Gunpowder applied.
Players also may choose a race:

Sylvan (Elves)
or Humans.

The Race Background traits are as follows:

Receive benefit of Night-Vision and Animal Empathy

Receive benefit of Night-Vision (No-Animal Empathy) They look like comely looking Humans, no noticeable pointy ears ;)

Receive benefit of Night-Vision and Underground Slope detection

Receive benefit of Night-Vision and Underground Slope detection

There are no Halflings or any other playable humanoids, and the no-cleric element exists initially in my campaign as it does in Iron-Heroes.

(Although there is a clergy, there is no powers bestowed upon them for being devout).

There is Arcanist Spellcasting class.


The Brokenlands...
Formally known as the Kingdom of Reørk. It is said that vast hordes of Vaskarian cannibals laid waste to the Kingdom.

In truth, the Royalty of Reørk were cast out of favor from the Royalty of Itarias. They were betrayed and their land holdings were destroyed. It is rumored that some of the Royalty of Reørk escaped and settled elsewhere under another name.

The lands are now divided by the Marshall's, Nobles given rights to the lands by writ from The house of Itarias. Nobles who betrayed the house of Reørk, or who were given land for their silence and loyalty to Itarias.

"In recent times of our Fathers, the lands before us were known as the Kingdom of Reørk.
Reørk had become a chaotic lawless region which is now known as the Brokenlands.
Our Fathers mentioned that there was a war far over the sea, many of our greatest warriors fought in this war, never to return. It was said that our King, Fornart of the Red beard, fell in battle and that the alliance of Nobles fell into disarray.
Many of the Upper class were apparently relieved of their duties in Reørk and sent into exile.
From the North, the hordes of Vaskara made their way through the unprotected lands... seething destroyers of men women and children, bestial humanoids that enslaved and ransacked a once proud Kingdom.
In our bleakest of times... the horde was suddenly beaten back by the armies of Itarias.

Yes, we were saved, but at what cost..."