View Full Version : [4e] Basic Melee/Basic Ranged for monsters

February 13th, 2011, 03:08
When you check the monster powers, you have an option to click on the small square on the top left and set is as (in order) Melee, Basic Melee, Ranged, Basic Ranged, Close, Basic Close, Area, Aura, Melee or Ranged, Basic Melee or Basic Ranged, Melee or Close, Melee or Area, Ranged or Close, Ranged or Area, Close or Area.

As I understand, if you can use the power in any way its most advantageous, the system consider it. So, a prone enemy against a melee or ranged attack grants CA because a melee power does.

The rotation have an icon for basic melee or basic ranged, but the power work as a melee or close power. And all icons from there on works like they are one step further. So, a ranged or area works as close or area, and so on.

Take a look on this issue, please.

(Discovered it while DMing with some sahuagins that have javelins as basic melee/ranged and was getting no penalty on attacks against a concealed warlock)

Moon Wizard
February 14th, 2011, 20:11
It looks like the issue has to do with the missing tooltip text for "basic melee or ranged" option. The icons and underlying values are right, but the tooltips are wrong once you get to basic melee or ranged.

The order should be:
Basic Melee
Basic Ranged
Basic Close
Melee or Ranged
Basic Melee or Ranged
Melee or Close
Melee or Area
Ranged or Close
Ranged or Area
Close or Area

Thanks for the heads up,