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January 27th, 2011, 02:38
Well I'm guessing that from the near total lack of response to my earlier posts asking people's interest level in Old West games, there probably aren't going to be many people jumping for joy that I've created a Sidewinder: Recoiled ruleset by doing a very simple mod of 3.5.

Scripting-wise, there are only a couple of very simple mods to the first page of character sheet (changed 'alignment' to handedness, changed the attacks mod fields to "Action Points" and "Reputation")... there shouldn't be any scripting/coding issues there - it's all pretty standard 3.5 (which is why I picked Sidewinder: Recoiled in the first place - it works pretty well with Fantasy Grounds right out of the box).

I did a lot of work on the graphics, and what I'm most curious about is getting some feedback from anyone who'd care to just load up the ruleset and see if the graphics are non-distracting but immersive. I'm especially concerned with teh framed picture in teh middle of the desctop - don't know how clunky it looks on other screen sizes or to other eyes.

If anyone would care to look at it and give me some quick feedback, I'd appreciate it. For now it's at:

http://castlecorps.com/Sidewinder Recoiled.zip

There's one more custom field I need to add onto the Inventory page ("Wealth" - used optionally instead of tracking money and specific to Sidewinder, I think), then if folks think it's worth while, I'm happy to send it out into the community. I'd like to contribute a little if I can.

Thanks for your time!

January 27th, 2011, 03:41
That last link was funky due to the space in it - let's try this:

http://castlecorps.com/Sidewinder Recoiled.zip

April 3rd, 2011, 04:28
I'm definately intersted. You may want to post in the "guild" section to drum up interest for your game. As this actual forum isn't looked at often.