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January 20th, 2011, 03:48
I've seen several requests for a way to export characters from PCGen to Fantasy Grounds. Long ago, in an old version of the d20_jpg ruleset, Moon Wizard made such a tool available. Alas, it had some bugs, and he did not include it in later versions.

I did a bit of cleanup on it so I could put it to personal use, and I have found it to be quite handy. Now, with Moon Wizard's kind permission, I am posting it here for everyone.

I have only tested this with PCGen version 5.10.1, so compatibility with other versions is unknown. I also have never tried exporting to a campaign created under the D20 or 3.5E rulesets, so I would also be interested to hear of other people's experience with that.

You're free to tinker with this as you please, but I would request that you share your improvements with the forum so they can be included in future versions.

In the zip file you will find the two output sheets, one to create PC output and one to create NPC's, along with a readme.txt file with instructions for installing and using the sheets.


Version 0.1 Known Bugs(B)/Limitations(L)

(B) Coins do not export properly to PC sheets
(L) Spells not linked to 3.5E Spells entries on PC sheets
(L) Inventory not linked on PC sheets



Edit: copied to the Armory for any who might not see it here.

January 20th, 2011, 12:06
Phystus, thanks for your contribution here (and Moon for the original). This is a great boon for 3.5/PF players. This thread should be stickied and/or this should be put on the FGWiki.

January 21st, 2011, 03:05
Thanks for the kind words!

I do hope to address the coin bug soon, but it may be a week or so between shoveling snow and prepping for my Sunday game session. After that I may try to test it with a more up-to-date version of PCGen. Once the new version of the 3.5 ruleset is available I'll test and update the tool as needed.

I do encourage feedback from anyone who uses it.

I'm fine with putting it up on the wiki as well.