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December 6th, 2010, 23:39
this patch should fix the scripting error occurring when trying to open the monster window from the combat tracker - when the monster has been dragged directly to the combat tracker from a library module.

Monsters dragged directly from library modules now also have visibility check boxes (previously erroneously missing)

Monsters can now be dragged directly from library modules to the encounters window (previously not allowed).

This is a cumulative patch and so includes everything that was included in optional extension patches v2.01 and v2.02

Please try it out and report back as to further bugs...

In due course I will ask Doug to roll these changes into the full ruleset, but I guess it is prudent to wait a couple of weeks for further testing and feedback from the community.

EDIT: ATTACHMENT Removed - Patch Superseded by v2.04, see separate thread.

December 7th, 2010, 00:03
I think you're right to give it a few weeks before rolling out a new version - the extension is a very easy fix for now. Thanks, Sorce!

December 8th, 2010, 04:02
Have done a few skirmishes. FOr some reason one of the characters would not trigger any drag-n-drop scripts when you dragged his attack die onto an opponent's token on the battlemat. Then it suddenly cleared itself up. Cannot repeat that right now.

The only reliable bug I can reproduce right now is that the hide/show tokens via the Combat Tracker doesn't work, either for individual token checkboxes or via the group "eyeball" button at the top of the tracker. All tokens are always visible to players on the battlemat. The hide/show buttons *do* work for hiding/showing a combatant's listing in the Combat Tracker, though.

I'll post more if I can find them. Looking pretty solid.

December 8th, 2010, 16:57
Doc, thanks for the Feedback.

The combattracker (host & Client) system (which includes token drops) in this version of C&C, is based on the same 'Engine' as found in d20_JPG. if you are familiar with that system then anything you have learnt about how it works, pluses & minuses, should also apply here.

Some tips/information for best effect:

The client combat tracker and the 'linked' tokens, are all controlled through the host combat tracker.
The links are all set up when the host opens his tracker.
If a player is absent (he connects to the game after the combat begins) he will be unable to do drop attacks/damage.
If a player joins late (or has to reconnect due to some technical problem) you should close and reopen the host tracker in order to insure that all links and shortcuts are updated.
This also means that if you are playing with/setting up the combat tracker before the players connect, make sure you close it and reopen it again after they connect in order that everything runs smoothly.

It should be noted that the player must have his combat tracker open in order to make drop attacks.

for most such problems the simple solution is to ensure players have their trackers open and the host should close and reopen his to reinitialize the connection.

and just to be clear, when I say close I mean using the close button on the top right corner of the CT, or by right clicking and selecting close from the radial menu - clicking on the combat tracker menu button in the desktop side bar only hides the tracker it does not actually close it (for the purposes of updating things).

with specific regard to drops on tokens (which needs to be enabled by the GM in the options menu) I have noted that some problems of non-rolling drops are down to technique. The tokens can be quite small, particularly if the map is zoomed out to fit alot of creatures in a small space. In order to be sure that the tracker knows that you are dropping on a particular creature. it is best to hover the die over the token until you see the 'tool tip' with the name of the creature displayed. Once this happens you can be sure that the tracker knows you are targeting the creature and you can release the dice.

With regard to Token visibility:

This is in fact not a bug...Actually it did not even occur to me to build this kind of functionality into the ruleset.
Now that you have mentioned it I have had a quick look around, and it seems the only rulesets currently with this function are 4E and BRP.

It is a very good idea, I will have a look at adding that into a future release.

Currently what I do is only drop tokens onto the map when they become visible.

anyway thanks again for the Feedback, keep it coming along with any other suggestions you have for improvements
(not that I'm promising anything!:p )

December 8th, 2010, 20:06

Thanks for the detailed notes - I'm betting that the Combat Tracker initialization order is exactly what happened with that one mysterious instance where only the client couldn't drag-n-drop (I'm just testing with an extra launched program running on my host computer). I think I did open & close the tracker to see if it still lost the hit point & damage data when you did that (which has been fixed, thank you again). I wouldn't have had a clue what happened to fix the client drag-n-drop without your description.

BTW, my only experience with FG has been through a short attempt at running Rolemaster (even the new version crashes on me after only a short period), and a few adventures running 4e, which is very robust and has a *ton* of automation/scripting in it. As far as FG goes, 4e is just a complete dream to GM. My only problem was that the more I played, the more I wanted a simpler system (even with a small party, the sheer number of Feats/Power to keep track of if there are extra characters to manage is just ridiculous unless you have them all memorized... kept finding that battles would have turned out differently if I'd just remembered such and such).

And so here I am with C&C. I love the game enough that I was willing to suck up the lack of automation in the original ruleset, though I wasn't happy about it. I'd say that if 4e's ruleset implementation is a high-end Mercedes with a bar, TV and chauffer (that is, once you have parsed all the bells and whistles into modules, of course), then the original C&C used to be a base model, no frills Honda Civic - very functional and reliable, and that's it. Now the 2.x rules have upgraded my 'game transportation' from a Civic to a high end sedan, maybe an Accura or Lexus. You know... if you want to be picky you can point out things that could be improved, but I sure ain't complaining about the free upgrade - it's *much* more than basic transportation, there's definite luxury built in now.

I won't expect any updates, but will always appreciate them when they come along. I already feel like I won the FG jackpot with your new ruleset - 3 cheers to you, bud!

I'll keep looking & reporting, but I don't really expect to find a lot, at least as far as combat goes - I ran several battles with 4 characters, 12 foes, magic, etc.

Is there a place to put suggestions for round 3 (when/if that happens), or is that something you're even ready to have in the back of your mind yet?

December 8th, 2010, 20:23
Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I'm fairly new to this scripting stuff, so it is always good to see stuff work, and that people appreciate it.

I'm a bit old school as far as gaming goes, so 4E to me, seems more about rules than fun which is why I was happy to discover C&C which is fairly streamlined, allowing the GM to have some room for maneuver without the rules-lawyers cutting me in half.

I haven't even thought about a version 3 yet, I just wanted to make sure that 2 was running smoothly and that people were happy with it.

there are tons of things that could be done, the question is really what makes peoples lives easier and what do they want.

If you have suggestions please feel free to post them in the C&C forum or PM me.

If I get round to thinking about an updated version, then I'll probably start a thread to garner ideas.

current plans are just to fix the bugs and maybe add a couple of little features here and there if we are going to roll out a bug fix anyway.

after that I wanted to convert a few more modules and possibly get a life...