View Full Version : Script errors & a and a crash in 2.0

December 6th, 2010, 03:27
Along with all the fantastic new features (yay!), unfortunately I'm seeing a fair number of script errors in the 2.0 C&C upgrade. I've only noticed it with the new (and very cool) drag-n-drop functions. The previous version was bullet-proof, but it also had very few bells and whistles. I'm happy to work through the issues to get a nicely featured and robust version 2.x.

I have an easily repeatable crash in the Combat Tracker:

Create a new campaign.
Load the Monsters module.
Open the Combat Tracker.
Open the Monsters module and select any monster and drag it into the Combat Tracker.
Try to open the monster's detail window by clicking on the little gray box to the far right of the monster's listing in the combat tracker.

RESULT: About 8 script errors are displayed in FG, and the program hard crashes with a system error.

I have tried the above with the beta and released version, and with & without the add-on 2.02 extension... happens with all of them.

FWIW, if I put a character into the combat tracker, the link box/button opens the character sheet just fine.

Screen shots to follow.