View Full Version : Unable to resolve port issues as a player.

December 5th, 2010, 20:01
Howdy, folks

I apologize for dropping another thread on this too-often encountered (and much dreaded) problem. This is my second FG campaign, and I was sure that after I got the issues worked out last time that I would have no issue with giving it a second go.

This time, I am playing in the campaign. My friend and I switched licenses so he could play DM and I could be one of the players. We both have new computers and did a fresh install. Using Logmein software, I was able to remote into his machine and get his port issues sorted out. However, I cannot do the same for myself.

I am playing on a wired machine running Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit). I am connected through a standalone modem as well as a Linksys WRT54GS Router running Tomato v1.17. Except for my box, itself, I am running on the exact same setup as my previous game.

I took a few screenshots (Inserted below), if they are of any help to anyone who can give me any advice on anything I may be doing wrong.

I greatly appreciate your time and assistance in advance for anyone who takes the time to peruse through this thread.


(P.S.- I will be running a few errands here in short order, but will return shortly. I will reply when I am back.)


Moon Wizard
December 6th, 2010, 07:26
When you are playing, you should not need to open/change any settings as a client. It's only when you are hosting that you should need to set port forwarding.

The rest of this message is my best understanding of how the networking libraries work, which are standard TCP/IP libraries. Other people may have a better understanding.

I believe that the clients accept whatever port is assigned to them by the OS for outbound communications to the host port 1802.

So, I believe you shouldn't see any issues unless:
* your OS is blocking the outgoing app connections (vs. incoming for host)
* your router is blocking the outgoing app connections on specific ports (for security purposes?)
* your ISP is blocking outgoing requests to specific ports or originating on specific ports (seems unlikely if hosting was working)


December 6th, 2010, 13:42
Thanks for the response, Moon_Wizard.

When I set my buddy's router up over Logmein, his machine successfully completed the connection test that is included in the FG client. Also, another of the players was able to successfully connect to his hosted game, so I feel confident in ruling out problems on his side.

I, however, am still unable to connect to his server. I've honestly tried so many different settings at so many different times that I cannot say for sure what I have and have not done.

Given that others are able to connect and I am not, are there any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Moon Wizard
December 6th, 2010, 23:24
No idea really. Typically, any problems are related to port forwarding on the host side only.

I would try shutting down Windows firewall. Then, try plugging directly into modem. Essentially, remove components as much as you can.

Perhaps someone on the boards has some ideas for a tool to look at the network output/packets?


December 6th, 2010, 23:45
Are you trying to connect to your friends game using his server alias or his external IP address?