View Full Version : BRP Crash to Desktop

December 5th, 2010, 13:09
I have encountered a rather obscure, but reproducible problem.

Whilst creating an NPC, you can delete characteristics that you don't want to use, such as DEX etc.

There is no problem unless you try to remove POW.

it removes fine, but when you try to close the NPC window, FG freezes and crashes to desktop.

this only happens with POW. I created an empty campaign to test if it is campaign related, but even if this NPC is the only thing in a fresh campaign, and no modules are open it still occurs.

Additionally, if you remove POW directly from the NPC entry in the db.xml, when you restart the campaign FG recreates the POW entry. It does not do this for other characteristics.

Obvious work around is don't try to remove POW, but leave it blank.

Anyone seen this before?