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December 2nd, 2010, 21:18
Hey guys. I have been playing in a Castles and Crusades campaign for a while now but am getting tired of the playing style of it. I would really like to get into a D&D 3.5 game that is maybe set in the Forgotten Realms? Please let me know if any of these are out there.

January 18th, 2011, 08:52
I'm looking for a FR game here as well:


January 31st, 2011, 07:11
Doing the same here. Could almost have a group with this if we had a DM.


January 31st, 2011, 08:45
Yes! Just need a DM : ) Let's discuss the game to keep this thing at the top of the threads : p

Locke, is your C&C game in person or online? I imagine the fluidness and quick battle system of C&C would be great in person, but I could see how it would be boring online.

Do you guys read the R.A. Salvatore books at all?

January 31st, 2011, 22:38
My old C&C session was online. Not the greatest I must admit. I am a major fan of R.A. Salvatore books! I am currently reading the series on Drizzt. Amazing. So is our predicament that we have no GM? If you all don't mind, I could attempt to GM our sessions? I use the 2.0.12 version of FG and if you don't have that version it is easy to downgrade quickly. Let me know.

February 1st, 2011, 07:53
I would be more than happy to have you GM. I've never used FG before and so I have no expectations, I'm sure you'll be great. Heck, I wouldn't mind if all we had was lines drawn out on a grid and a token here or there to represent a monster, it's how we play at home anyways : )

Is it possible to change the title to something like "3.5 Forgotten Realms. Have DM need 1 player"?

Which Drizzt book are you on? I love the series, just finished the most recent one.

Have you read any of Ed Greenwoods stuff?

February 1st, 2011, 18:47
Sounds good. I am currently on Starless Night.

I will begin working on the story immediately. I have created the campaign and it is titled Forgotten Realms 3.5 - The Search for Yurendal. Sign up there and I will begin to create a forum for our campaign so that we can organize our games better.

Will keep you all updated.

February 1st, 2011, 18:57
You're the man. I'll sign up and start familiaiing myself with FG tonight.

February 1st, 2011, 19:25
Ok I have the basic bonework of the forum ready. The address is http://forgottenrealms.dailyforum.net/

That will be where we most likely schedule our future sessions and as you will see when you go there, it will help me decide where to start off our campaign.

February 2nd, 2011, 08:19
So do we have to have the same version of FG to play together?

February 2nd, 2011, 19:42
I believe so. I will look into it for you all. If yes, then it is an easy and quick process to downgrade. Also, would you be interested in helping me test out our server sometime? I would like to know how it is all going to work in the end so doing a test run with somebody would be great.

February 2nd, 2011, 22:53
Why is it Locke that you feel so inclined to operate several revisions behind the current state-of-the-art? Many of the changes are real improvements!

February 3rd, 2011, 02:57
Believe me, it is quite necessary. You may be well aware of the reasons. Either way, it won't be a problem.

February 6th, 2011, 07:30
Hm so nobody has posted on the forum other than myself, and nobody has come back here. Are we still on?

February 6th, 2011, 19:43
Some people don't check the website often since many GM's aren't very active. I check it daily though. If nothing else, me and you can begin the story and integrate other players into the campaign as we go? I have been reading on the starting area you suggested and it is looking great so far.

April 13th, 2011, 17:23
Are you guys still looking for DM? If i cant find a sunday game to play i could run a FR 3.5 game(on sunday)

April 14th, 2011, 01:41
I would be interested in playing

after 8 pm cst

I have a game sat nights, and alt mondays