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November 7th, 2010, 06:49
I am trying to determine which virtual tabletop software to invest in. I know that maptools is free, but I am not necessarily concerned about the cost. I am more interested in the features and quality of the software. I am also not concerned with which operating systems are supported, etc. I can work around those types of limitations easily enough.

That said, I would use the software to run a GURPS game (not online, but at a table where everyone would have a laptop). One of my biggest interests (aside from supporting GURPS) is Fog of War. Ideally, each players laptop should show only that player character's "view" of the map (and ideally, I could have REALLY large maps - like whole cities. but don't think this is possible with ANY of the various softwares based on what I have seen).

I am looking for your (possibly baised) opinions on Fantasy Grounds II for use with GURPS games.

Also, I know about the SJ limitations on automation of the game (seems like most games have similiar limitations). Is it possible for me (and easy) for me to ignore the limitation for my own games and automate stuff? (Email me offline if needed.) I would really like software to help with as many rules as possible.

November 7th, 2010, 07:14
I run and play weekly online gurps sessions. and FG more than suits my needs. the gm can control large maps (on a lan I would imagine that tranfers of large maps would be less of an issue).

fg does have fog of war (called masking). individual masks on a single map to each client though is not there. though a creative gm can find a way to handle this by sharing indivdual maps to each player but geez can you imagine the logistics of keeping up with all those in a single session?

your last question is not really answerable without knowing your level programming ability. while some may find it easy others will take some hacking. I run a heavily modified ruleset myself.(http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13514)
either way the documentation is detailed enough to get in there and the community supportive enough to really make a good impression.

November 7th, 2010, 07:53
Thanks for the quick reply (a big plus since it helps me know that there are active people using Fantasy Grounds).

Do you feel that Fantasy Grounds is being continously developed? (e.g. new features added regularly, updates and patches published, support questions answered, etc.).

Can you make Fantasy Grounds do things like:

1) On a player's turn, if they want to move, then the map will only let them move a number of hexes equal by basic movement?

2) If a player wanted to move and attack on his turn, then the system would automatically subtract 4 for the attack check?

Thanks again for the response.

November 7th, 2010, 08:15
the hexes can be set for linear measurement 1yrd/hex is what i have set.
the gm can allow free movement or gm locked where the players can draw their move which shows the yardage, then the gm can approve the move and the token will shift to the approved location.

for number question 2 answer is no. that is what a gm if for. there are far to many considerations to gurps for that level of automation. a determined programmer can accomplish a few tasks as such but not at a practical level (in this i'm only speaking for my self.) I do not like that level of automation, I enjoy being the gm when it is my turn to run a game. (legally, I don't think such could be posted as it violates the sjgames policy). with that said I did however devise a way to directly send modifiers to the players stack. and modded another extension by oberoten mod storage. this allows me to keep a database of all the gurps modifiers with descriptions. so when a player says I am rushing forth with my sword my full move while swinging my sword at X target I can then grab that modifier (-4 moving attack) and send to his stack before he rolls.

for the first question just look at the community everyday posts are made. the developers are active as forum posters. the update cycle is posted and is very regular. with noticeable improvement with each update.

something must be said. while smiteworks maintains the fg software and the dnd 4e ruleset and a few others, many of the rulesets are created and modified and worked on by the community. which should never reflect on the FG developers who created an awsome interface for the community to get the most from FG2.

Please note that I am not associated with smiteworks or any of the FG2 developers, I just a user like yourself that tweaks the system to get what I need from it.