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October 28th, 2010, 20:20
I'm having issues getting portraits to show on the COC character sheets, and linking Tokens to the Characters. I though I could just drag and drop the token on the character icon on the top left but it doesn't work.

I've attempted to log on as a player, and I can select or create a character but no matter what I try I cant get a portrait, or Token to connect to the character. I've tried adding tokens to the token folders, I've added portraits to the portrait folders, but all my characters, even the ones that came in the module have no portraits.

I can drag a token to the combat traker, but the character buble in the upper left stays blank.

I've removed and reloaded both COC and FG program just incase I deleted something...

Anyone have any Ideas, or I'm I just missing something very simple?

Thanks !

Moon Wizard
October 28th, 2010, 21:32
I believe that part of the problem is semantics. Token and portrait have very specific meanings for FG.

Token = File provided by host, originates from tokens/shared or tokens/host on the host machine, used in all token fields (including combat tracker and character sheets, if available), used in all maps

Portrait = File provided by client, originates from portraits folder on client machine, only can be set by using the portraits button on the client, only used for character login list in top left, each portrait is linked to a character record.

In the case where I want to use the same image for a portrait and a token, I make 2 copies of the image. I place one copy in the tokens/shared folder, and the other I send to the player to put in their portraits folder. You can also place in your own portraits folder, start a second instance of FG, and set the portrait for each character yourself.

Hope that helps,

October 28th, 2010, 22:03
Thanks JPG

The whole Client side thing was throwing me for a loop on getting it to work,
Its a shame its not easier to manager this part of the system.

Thanks Again !
- Mike