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unnatural 20
October 24th, 2010, 01:30
How well does the Pathfinder ruleset play in FG? I'm still pondering the product and it looks like D&D4 is supported the best (which I understand).

Would I be better off going with software that is made to go with d20/Pathfinder?
For example.:

To be honest I prefer the UI and aesthetics of FG but I would like software to support my system as much as possible. I've seen the Pathfinder ruleset page for FG and it appears to be in beta.

October 24th, 2010, 01:57
The community ruleset if very good.

If you like the UI for this program you will most likely like Pathfinder in this program.

Pathfinder is sort of like D&D 3.75. The primary books - cheap pdfs worth the dough - are more interesting than the core D20 books IMHO.

I haven't tried D20Pro but I can say I really like FG2. My understanding is that the D20 ruleset from Smite Works is soon to be updated but even if that never happened I'd continue to play with it. It's very workable.

I think you'll find the smite works will eventually support D20 and 4th Ed. equally well. 4th Ed has captured developer imagination because its new and the hype was infectious. You're making a new ruleset you're going to develop new features and programming.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, who programmed the 4th ed stuff understands d20 and the game is not going away. Moon Wizard said that he was expanding the D20 ruleset to include what he'd learned making the 4th ed ruleset where it was applicable. For the moment at least I think d20 support will be equal but a little slower to develop than the 4th ed stuff.

If anything the OGL license makes 3.x an easier rule system to work in and publish for. Paizo is a first rate OGL contributor there will never be a shortage of material and players for D20.


unnatural 20
October 24th, 2010, 15:24
Excellent! It sounds like the devs are very proactive and motivated to keep this product updated.in all arenas. Looking forward to trying fg out with my group once we take the plunge later this week, thank you.