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October 20th, 2010, 04:02
I've been using the 4e rulesset occasionally for a few months now, and while I *love* the way FG works with that ruleset (once you've figured out the whole thing with getting game content from your WotC account), I'm pining for good old AD&D. So I'm trying out C&C as my first non-4e ruleset... and I'm having trouble figuring a lot of stuff out.

I'd be much obliged if you could help a newbie brutha out with a little info. Thanks in advance, as I know from experience on tehse boards that the FG community is very cool, and I'm sure to get a reply! :)

Here we go...

1) Is there some way to drag characters into the Combat Tracker? The only way I can determine to get them there is to right-click in the Combat Tracker, select "Create Item", then manually enter all their info.

2) Is there a way to associate items with Characters? I see that Items have apparent names and 'real' names that Characters presumably can see once the item is identified (as indicated by the checkbox on the item. However I don't see how a character will ever see the item unless I put it on a Story page & share that with players... in which case the player gets to see the item page, along with BOTH its apparent & real descriptions, eliminating any secrecy. If I can't drag-n-drop items, does that mean I have to create *every* item in character's inventory manually?

3) I assume there's no way to get the roll totals to show up in the Chat pane without right-clicking & selecting the "=" sign.

4) What are "Notes" and why can only the Players see them? Is it just a place for characters to take notes on the game & share them with others?

5) (removed, as I found the answer in another post)

6) I think I've figured out the 'effect' doohickey in the Combat Tracker: for

7) In the Combat Tracker, to the right of the movement indicator, there is a thing that looks like a dial pointing at 1 o-clock and a field that always seems to have a 5 in it... what is that?

8) In the 4e ruleset, players can indicate to the GM who they're attacking by just dropping their attack dice on the target's token, and the GM gets a chat message indicating the Character, the weapon used, who they're attacking, and the roll. C&C seems to have very little in that way of automatic communication. Is there any kind of drag-and-drop combat automation I'm missing, or is the idea that the game mechanics are simple enough that you don't really need that.

9) In the Combat Tracker, The monsters all seem to have a "P" on the line for saves. I notice that if I drag this into teh chat pane, the "P" appears to everyone, unlike most other text that is dragged there. What is that, and why does it behave thusly?

October 20th, 2010, 09:00
I've been using the C&C ruleset for about 2 years. We could meet online if you'd like to go over how to do some things. contact me.

For any future reader who wants an answer to some of these questions....

1) PCs in the CT: drag the PC portrait to the CT. The info will follow. I create a token for each PC and drop it on top of their CT entry then use that token on the map.

2) Items: I don't do a lot of sharing item descriptions with players. I give them a vague idea until they're able to id the item, but I also try to limit meta-gaming knowledge. Sorry, not much help here.

3) =: Not sure what you mean. You can always drag the rolled result back into the chat and the number will sum. This is better shown than described.

4) Notes: These can be great for players to share info with everyone. Lately, we've used them for when players describe what their PC looks like. Haven't found a way to save them as the Judge.

7) That's the reach. Default is 5'.

8) This is 4e functionality that came after the C&C ruleset was developed and published.

9) P means that their primes are 'physical' for purposes of saves. Dragging to the chat window won't do anything for you.

As I said, I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to work with the ruleset, its limitations and how to automate most C&C rolls. Let me know if you want to spend time on it or you can visit one of our gaming sessions. The Legio campaign is playing this Saturday.