View Full Version : Two maps simultaneously?

October 11th, 2010, 19:13
I was thinking of running a combat split across two maps, bridged by a portal. Does the current 4e rules set support that?

I'm afraid I might be setting myself up for trouble if I move PC and NPC tokens back and forth between two maps using a single combat tracker. It sounds like something which could cause FG to go into spasms.

October 11th, 2010, 20:07
All rulesets based on the old d20 ruleset should support this (and almost all rulesets are descendants of the d20 ruleset including 4E). That said, I would try to avoid using two maps. To open a map for only some players you need to drop the link of the map onto the character portrait on the FG desktop in the top left. This will open the map only for that character.

However if you update the map's view point, which is usually done by sharing, all players will then see the map. This means the map should be small and square enough so that its viewpoint doesn't have to be shifted.

If you expect characters to be constantly moving back in forth between the two maps though the portal, if you are using the 2.7 version, the players will be able to open the map on their own once they have been on it. You can stop that by unsharing both maps each time a character switches maps but that's going to be fiddly.

It really boils down to why you want to run two maps. It's going to very fiddly if you expect the characters to switch back and forth through the portal a lot. If you expect that I would put the whole encounter area on one map on different sides. If its more a timing or courage factor as when the individual characters jump through the portal then I would just run the starting portal side until everyone has gone through keeping track of what round they entered the portal and then run the "other side" encounter adding characters as they came through.

October 11th, 2010, 22:07
You're right I think.

I liked the idea of having a circular space in the center of each map which could be accessed to enable line of site to the 'other side'. I guess I can get the same effect using fog or mist or something.

I like your idea of a time dialation thing where people go through one at a time and I just add people as they show up. Wouldnt even show the map until they passed through.

Thanks for the feedback. This is the a fight wrapping up a year long arc. It will be fiddly enough I think.