View Full Version : Nub Combat Tracker Question

October 1st, 2010, 21:38
I've been testing things out by running as the GM and then starting a second instance of the client and connecting to loopback, and I've got a question about combat tracking. I've watched Xorn's videos but I'm confused about how to apply an attack roll to a specific target from the player client.

I've tried two methods. The first is clicking the mob the player wants to hit. On the GM screen the mob goes in the players target slot. When I go to the player client and make a hit roll by dragging the die for the power or weapon off the sheet, it just makes a generic attack roll in the chat pane and shows the result. If I drag the attack die to the mob in the player's combat tracker (as someone suggested in IRC (you guys rock btw)), nothing happens at all.

Now, if I do the same thing from the players character sheet on the GM screen, and just drag the attack to the mob, the chat pane shows the result vs the mob and whether it is a hit.

Am I missing something? A setting somewhere?

October 1st, 2010, 22:04
For the 4E ruleset there is a setting to do this. If you are using the 2.6.5 version I believe there are several settings. You need to turn on player rolling and effect drops. In the betas you need to turn on Target: Enable PC actions.

Generally speaking in 4E for a player I think its easiest to first click the target(s) so they are selected with a targeting ring and then just double click on the power on the mini sheet to make your attacks. If the client has Target: Remove on miss activated any missed targets will be unselected and then the player can just double click on the damage to apply damage.