View Full Version : +1/2db

August 17th, 2010, 20:35
+1/2db doesn't appear to work.

If a damage is listed as (for example) 1D8+1/2db (and the creature has a damage bonus of 2D6). When the damage is selected to make a roll (from the combat tracker), "1D8+1/2db" is highlighted, but only 1D8 is rolled.

August 18th, 2010, 22:34
It's a while since I looked at this, so I'm not sure of the way it works. Missile weapons which are listed as D8+db get 1/2db (I think) but I don't believe the ruleset is great at parsing formulae such as 1/2. Possibly a feature enhancement for the next release?

By contrast, however, 3D6x5 (or is it 3D6*5?) should work for NPC/critter stats, as this was built to deal with mega-baddies in CoC.

August 18th, 2010, 22:58
Ok, thanks.