View Full Version : Release Notes v2.7 (Part 2)

Moon Wizard
August 16th, 2010, 19:21
Fantasy Grounds - Bug Fixes

The CTRL key will no longer reverse modifiers of die rolls.
Read-only number controls will no longer intercept mouse and drop events.
Long database names will no longer cause a crash.
Host module integrity was being set incorrectly in many situations. Addressed.
Nested list items were not being deleted when module data reverted. Fixed.
Improved layout of stacked formattedtextcontrols.
When using large fonts in Windows, console messages were being clipped. Fixed.
Increased console buffer limit to avoid crashes when lots of console messages generated.
Script errors in a ruleset could sometimes cause FG to crash. Fixed.
buttoncontrol - Intermittent crash when ruleset closed window during onButtonPress event. Fixed..
buttoncontrol - Icons were not being sized correctly. Fixed.
formattedtextcontrol - Editing an empty formattedtextcontrol using the radial menu will no longer cause a crash.
formattedtextcontrol - Using CTRL + left or right arrow keys will no longer cause a crash.
formattedtextcontrol - Changing paragraph format of selection would sometimes cause data loss or scrambling. Fixed.
imagecontrol - Race condition could cause application crash, when client requested multiple image masks. Fixed.
imagecontrol - Pointers would sometimes incorrectly expand/shrink when being moved. Fixed.
imagecontrol - Shared client images did not update correctly when mask enabled/disabled. Fixed.
imagecontrol - When sharing images, client view did not always match host view. Fixed.
imagecontrol - Setting grid offset values less than zero or greater than grid size would cause a crash. Fixed.
stringcontrol - nodrop tag was ignored. Fixed.
stringcontrol - Return value of onEnter was being ignored. Fixed.
windowlistcontrol - Layout of child windows in nested list controls was incorrect under certain circumstances. Fixed.
windowlistcontrol - Lists will no longer scroll past the bottom of the last list item.

4E Ruleset - Bug Fixes

Effects would not update on client combat tracker in some cases. Fixed.
Damage type of base weapon not being applied to powers using the weapon. Fixed.
CA effects with the ONCE/SINGLE application attribute were incorrect stacking with GRANTCA effects. Fixed.
Resist all and resist energy effects were incorrectly stacking. Fixed.
Healing effect bonuses only applied if healing surge involved. (per rule updates)
When death save greater than 20, and no heal surge remaining, then no change.
When damage reduced to less than zero by modifiers, then target would be healed instead. Fixed.
Recharge not working correctly on basic attacks. Fixed.
Portrait chat always used actor character portrait. Now, the rolling character portrait is used if available.
Long titles in reference windows would cause the title to disappear. Fixed.
Small vertical scroll occurred on character sheets when using mouse wheel. Fixed.
Pointer distance calculation now is the same as 4E movement distance calculations.
Tab order of some power entries incorrect. Fixed.
Power references will only create a link to original object, if the data is from a module.
Item power enhancement bonus was being applied to power description after power parsed. Fixed.
Effects added from campaign effects list did not use active initiative for expiration. Fixed.
Script errors when using the Marked effect with the once or single application flag. Fixed.
All trap and vehicle fields will be copied when dragging traps/vehicles to NPC campaign list.
Releasing active identity will activate the next available identity, if any.
Script error when attempting to open link in local mode. Fixed.
When using the /die command to roll percentile, only the tens die was rolled. Fixed.
Database access will be correctly cleaned up at end of each session, and when releasing characters.
Script error when using custom database list item names in modules. Fixed.
NPC powers in exported modules will no longer overlap with campaign NPC powers.
Module state icons were overlapping link icons in campaign lists. Fixed.
Intermittent crash when using close button in upper right. Fixed.

3.5E Ruleset - Bug Fixes

Combats dragged to group initiative window of combat tracker didn't retain values. Fixed.
Dragging and dropping NPCs from modules to the campaign list now creates a complete copy of the original.
Combat tracker now retains token and link for added combatants.