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Moon Wizard
August 16th, 2010, 19:20
Fantasy Grounds - Features

Maximize and minimize support for main window improved.
The number pad can now be used to enter numbers.
Pointer handles are easier to grab.
Multi-line string fields allow scrolling.
Token fields will update more quickly from host.
Tokens in the token bag will show their file name when you hover your mouse on them.
Tokens from modules will be placed in a separate token bag using the module name.
Lists will scroll to display the active field.
When editing a number field, pressing delete or backspace will reset field to zero.
Display of numbers longer than 5 digits improved. (NOTE: Only 7 digits of precision supported.)
Memory required by modules reduced by 10-20%, depending on module data.
Console error and warning messages can now be copied to the clipboard.

4E Ruleset - Features

Added chat frames for normal and story chat modes.
New, larger chat icons for attack miss, attack hit, attack crit, damage, effect and heal.
Added negative vote option for chat window polls.
When using auto total option, totals will be shown in the chat dice box, instead of appended to description.
Added character class and level to character selection screen.
Added self-targeted heal toggle for PC power heal abilities.
Notes are scrollable.
Combat tracker will scroll to display the active character.
Effect components occuring on failed save or aftereffect will be shortened in the effects quick view.
Clients can open previously shared story, image and item campaign entries.
Clients can SHIFT + left click on combat tracker entries to toggle targeting.
Clients running multiple characters can single click to activate a character, and double click to open the character sheet.
Letter tokens moved into separate module.
Improved d100 dice result display.
Increased maximum image size to 2048x2048.

Fantasy Grounds - Host Features

Launcher will scroll to display the last loaded campaign.
Easier hosting configuration using UPnP (if supported by your network)
Default unmask mode is now box selection. (Hold SHIFT for freehand, and CTRL to remask.)
The grid type of an imagecontrol (square/hex) can be changed via the radial menu.
Token scale for each token will be saved.
Tokens from unloaded modules will be force loaded, instead of deleted from maps.
Formattedtextcontrol interface improved. (scrolling, clicking, selecting, ...)
Links in formattedtextcontrols will be shared when the formattedtextcontrol record is shared.
For module data, if no category provided, it will be placed in a category using the module name.
When using categories, a non-module category will always be available.

4E Ruleset - Host Features

Visual indicator of campaign items previously shared with clients.
Unshare previously shared campaign items via menu or click on share icon.
Added scroller to story campaign list.
Image toolbars added. (mask/drawing, grid adjustment, targeting)
Image viewpoint remembered between sessions.
The GM can drag tokens between maps.
Individual tokens can be scaled on maps. (CTRL + mouse wheel to scale, CTRL + middle click to reset)
Host can SHIFT + left click on tokens to toggle targeting for active CT entry.
NPC tokens marked as friendly can be moved by players.
Drag combat tracker faction markers to images, in order to add all tokens for that faction.
Combat tracker menu can be activated using a left click.
Combat tracker sections no longer open when hovering over button. Left click to open or close sections.
Added option to display effects on turn notification.
Recharge effects removed on rest. (for NPCs with the party)
NPC skill fields will accept auto-complete shown when spacebar pressed.
Increased size of NPC sheet.
Scroller added to front page of NPC details page.
Dropping dice on an NPC power will now replace the weapon dice text ([W]) with the dice dropped.
When list filter opened, previously entered filter text will be selected by default.
When new button used, the name field will automatically receive the focus.
Player action drop options were combined from three options to one option.
Diseases reference material can now display non-Endurance skill check data.
Added /flushdb command to remove sharing of any campaign information.

3.5E Ruleset - Host Features

Added option to auto add name to rolls.
Added preference to CTRL+click on numbers to add to modifier stack.
Added preference to enable double-click rolling. (only works for NPCs currently)

Fantasy Grounds - Programming

Controls will no longer intercept mouse events when disabled or hidden.
Multiple lines are supported for chat entries and tooltips, using carriage return characters.
bitmapwidget - Deprecated setBitmap function. (previously documented, but not implemented)
buttoncontrol - Implemented setIcons function. (previously documented, but not implemented)
chatwindow - Added chat frame support.; Updated addMessage and deliverMessage functions to support mode and dicedisplay parameters as part of the message object.
databasenode - Added removeAllHolders function.; Updated removeHolder function to remove holder value from child nodes. (previously documented, but not implemented)
DB - Added copyNode function.
formattedtextcontrol - Added onClickDown, onClickRelease, onDoubleClick, onDrop, and onDrag events
imagecontrol - Added setDrawingSize function; Added onZoom event; Added parameters to onMeasurePointer event; Updated onGridStateChanged, onDrawStateChanged and onMaskStateChanged events to fire correctly
Interface - Added onHotkeyDrop callback; Added openRadialMenu function.
numbercontrol - Added onTab event.
stringcontrol - Use line spacing for height determination instead of font height, if line spacing defined.
tokeninstance - Radial menu reorganized to provide slot for custom menu items.; Added registerMenuItem function; Added onClickDown, onClickRelease, onDoubleClick, onWheel, onMenuSelection, onScaleChanged, onContainerChanging and onContainerChanged callbacks; fixed setTarget when identity not specified.
User - Updated getRemoteIdentities to allow multiple fields to be requested for labels (numerical and string only).
windowinstance - Added bringToFront function.
windowlist - Added scrollToWindow function; acceptdrop XML parameter has been enhanced.

December 20th, 2010, 21:39
It would appear that some of the programming changes did not get documented:

The deprecation of the setBitmap function has not been documented in the bitmapWidget documentation online.
The onZoom event is not documented for the imagecontrol object.
I cannot find any documentation for the formattedtextcontrol object.

Moon Wizard
December 22nd, 2010, 01:49
Thanks for the heads up.

There are some additional changes coming in v2.8, so I'll get the documentation updated with that update.