View Full Version : feature request: initiative base stat

July 30th, 2010, 04:01
I'd love to see the option for changing the base stat for calculating Initiative on the 4e character sheets.

I have three reasons for making this request.

1) There is at least one feat (Deva's Battle Intuition from Dragon 374) that allows you to use Wis instead of Dex.

2) Its always nice to have the option to houserule something without having to use the workaround of putting in a "misc" bonus that has to take into account the dex modifier, the stat you're going to use instead, and any feat/item bonuses.

3) It brings it into line with other stat based combat calculations, and pre-empts any future feats or rules that allow for similar substitutions.

Probably won't make it into the 2.7 release... but thought I'd throw it out there all the same.